Sylph 13h
Sometimes I catch myself feeling--
something strangely indescribable
It's like--no matter the words I use to describe it,
they will never be enough--
to express it to its fullest extent

It's better to just let your body move together with--
the shallow currents of your overflowing emotions

It's better to just let your mind wander--
forever lost in the hollowed echoes of the catacombs

It's better to let your hands be guided--
by the puppet strings visible to only you

But if you keep yourself chained--
all you ever will be is a doll left unnamed

Sometimes I catch myself wondering why--
I seem to hurt myself with--
expectations I will never be able to meet
It hurts, but I just can't stop--
So I keep wondering--
                       Just why?
A poem left unfinished.
Sylph 1d
I've reached
the point
where the
rhythmic sound
of your
heart monitor
gently lulls
me asleep
sweet dreams.
Sylph 1d
I'll drown
in an
of the
was never
able to
Those moments where you can't even cry your sorrows away--
happy thoughts.
happy thoughts.
happy thoughts.
Sylph 1d
It's been
seven days
since I last
got high
from the
taste of
cherry red

When will I
see you
Sylph 1d
At the age of six,
I had my first kiss stolen--
by a blue-eyed boy in kindergarten
It wasn't that I disliked the moment
Rather, I felt somewhat indifferent
Was I supposed to feel something?
Warmth, butterflies, disgust--anything?
Still, I smiled and patted his flushed cheek
I wanted him to smile instead of being so meek

> Unfortunately,
they moved away
later that same week <

At the age of nine,
I saw that same boy once more
He was noticeably less cheery than before
Not knowing if he recognized me in that instance
I decided to still take the chance
So I approached him and said,
      "Is the boy from before dead?"
With a roll of his eyes, he sneered,
      "Are you stupid? Can't you see I'm right here?"
I could only shake my head
      "Then why won't you smile for me instead?"

> I think he looked cute
with his eyes wide
and his cheeks red <

At the age of twelve,
We went to the same school
I was the quiet kid, and he was the class fool
We were a fairly strange combination
But we fit well despite the little complications

> Life went on
pleasantly soft and silent--
without any confrontations <

At the age of fifteen,
That was when he then confessed
For so long his feelings had been repressed
I was honest--I couldn't return what he felt
It was alarming to see his expression melt
It wasn't that liking the same sex was bad
But I just didn't feel the same things he had

> determined, he said--
      "I'll try again next time!"
it made me surprisingly glad <

At the age of eighteen,
I started to explore the idea of romance
I even thought about possibly giving him a chance
But naive little me decided to go with someone new
Someone that I admittedly barely knew
Still, we had pretty much barely started
I was eager with the direction we were headed

> If only--
those happy little thoughts
had actually lasted <

At the age of twenty-one,
As you were busy nursing your broken heart
You and I slowly grew apart
I hated not having you by my side
But I knew that wasn't something for me to decide
I was still with my first love, surprisingly
Though we were starting to become a bit shaky

> Later that night, I came to you--
quivering lips and tear stained cheeks
i found out that he was cheating on me <

At the age of twenty-four,
After I put my silly little relationship to an end
Me and you gradually became even closer friends
It was amazing how your feelings still remained--
Even after all the mistakes I've made
It makes me wonder what it is that you see
To keep you from simply giving up on me

> Still, I couldn't
get rid of this nagging feeling
inside of me <

At the age of twenty-seven,
I finally gave you the answer you wanted
It even felt like a giant weight had been lifted
Sometimes I wonder if I had just been confused
Maybe the idea was just something I stupidly refused
What I thought were only feelings of friendship--
Were actually desires for a more intimate relationship
It amazed me how little I understood about myself
So, I wanted to learn--
      not just about me,
              but about you as well.

< I wonder if I fell for you when--
I started referring to you as "you"--
instead of just "him" >
a little story told in rhymes :>>

> I might rewrite this next time ;u;
> for my gay bois ;v;
  1d Sylph
~ ⭐ ~
                               thin bamboo
                             paper lanterns

     high up
     touch the sky
     give light to my

are lessons                        
in our failures                      

chase the    
light   in   life  
dare  to run  and

                                         face with the
                                           candle that burns

that the    
lights will guide  
you    to the  right  

your eyes                                        
Let your heart                                        
be   the    tender                                          

your scars
with your pride
Each have special

                                         ­  such big fears              
                                           of times ahead              

the life
of my words
and my lanterns

your life's                
true meaning                
don't be afraid                  

~ ⭐ ~
These Lantern poems are super fun and now, it's slight addictive!
These Lanterns light words of life which I hope will brighten someone's day.
One of my many dreams is to attend a Lantern festival in Asia, specifically Japan and China. I've always wanted to go.
There's something so magical, something enchanting about watching lanterns float away. A beautiful sight.
Life has many lanterns. Be in awe!
It'll show you the way.

Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Sylph 2d
Everyday just seems like a battlefield--
A one-sided war that I can only hope to conquer
Nothing about it seems remotely fair
Yet I was never given a voice for them to hear

> i need you <

I brandish my rusted sword
I ready my porcelain shield
Both so comically breakable
Much like the fragments of my shattered will

> please take me away <

My lips quiver with fearful anticipation
My eye lids shut in hopeful surrender
I tighten my grip and let out a shallow breath

> anywhere but here <

This is it--
    this is my impending death
Were there really--
    no other options left for me to take?
Or was I just too busy--
    wallowing in an ocean of my own mistakes?

> save me <

I wasn't ready--
        I never was.

< please >

But I'll try--
        just like how I always do.
Sometimes I wonder how many choices and opportunities I've missed--all because of my own cowardly behavior and self-doubt.

> you can't always be a damsel in distress <
> it's best to take chances and try to help yourself <
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