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cryingforhelp Dec 2019
New loss is about
Abandoned in the cold
Culpable for lack of independence
I anticipated to fold

Lying here without you
Seems to help me mold
Into a deep serenity
Of when my youth was told
Jay M Apr 2019
You were my flashlight,
Guiding me in the dark,
Smiling with me in the rain,
Then you stopped,
Let me go,
Never let me back in,
But what did I do?

I have always been there for you,
And still will be,
But why did you throw me out of your world?

Dear friend of mine,
Why lies in that mind of thine?
Did I,
Some way,
Do you wrong?

Talking to you,
Spending time with you,
Asking to see you over,
Or go over,
Do those normal things,
Wasn't that enough?

What ever happened to the sky is the limit?
The night we spent together,
When I held you,
While you cried,
And talked to you,
Helping you,
Sneaking out with you,
Yet, what does that mean to you now?

You act like I don't exist,
Making every excuse as to not see me,
But what is it all for?
What for?

I wouldn't mind,
If you just came back,
If you just were my friend again,
Treating me like a human being,
And not like a stray dog.

No matter the reason,
I would come running back if you called,
I would run into the burning building,
And carry you out,
Nurse you back to health,
And stay with you.

If you ran in fear,
I wouldn't chase.
I'm not ignorant -
I know when enough is enough,
But please,
One day, once again, would be nice...

Maybe something as gracious as an explanation;
A reason why I was made a wraith,
Sitting alone in the rain,
Instead of by your side,
Where I long to be...

If this is creepy,
I apologize,
I only mean to say
I miss you,
And wish,
So much,
To know why I was ghosted...
Or at least to be your friend again...

- Emily M
April 3rd, 2019
I miss you...what happened that you decided to push me out? We were just right, closest of friends, then you stopped... I don't care what the reason - I just hope one day you'll be my friend again. N, I miss you so much...please just treat me like a person. Please just say something...
Grey Pryor Oct 2017
So here i write
Wishing to die
Because love is foregin to me
Because you cause me to not breathe
Because for once everything is alright.
Except my mind
I can't win every battle and lately I've been hurting
A wounded vet
And i have given up on the medic
I can see and feel the love
But its just that way for a moment so i don't wnt to put all my hopes in
There's no return price on this bet
I know all love is temporary
But so is my existence
This is about how my parents done kicked me the **** out and my uncle took me in
Paul Tito Jan 2017
I am stuck; here, outside.
No one's home to open the doors,
Plus I'm tired, lonely and coarse.
The insects are swarming me,
They won't leave,
For I am food in their eyes,
Exposed and out of place.

I keep on retaliating, consistently,
But there seems to be no end to my misery.
I'm tired of waiting; I hit the doors,
Knowing no one will answer - I pound some more.
Begging, crying; someone please open the doors.
-This is me literally speaking, but please, search your heart for another meaning

I'm stuck here outside my house :( no one's home. I just got home from school and I'm waiting for my mom to come back. But I fear it'll be hours before she does. So here I am, stuck outside.
Anna Banana Oct 2015
Not even 18

She told me to sleep on the streets

“time to be an adult”

Jobs and school are not cool

Dreams and ambitious cannot take flight

But there’s no point in a fight

So I try with all my might

Sleeping on the steps

Working 8 hours shifts

School is a gift

No time to drift

Not even 18

Yet I’ve aged far beyond my years
all in one night.
Life is a little more complicated then this, but whatever..
Dusty McCool Apr 2015
people say that drugs help with the pain
but  do they
i guess they make you feel good for a while
or is that a mind trick
but are they worth getting kicked out of school?
Willow Branche Jul 2014
With solemn eyes and long brown hair,
Her life is a slide of emotional care.
Yes's and No's, a bus in the air,
Lies and worries, no one dare.
To enter her life is to be drawn into her bare sliced up heart, and try to wear the lies on her sleeves...
She swore she would never do it again,
Ripped from the headlines,
Her best friend turned on her, and tried to pretend everything was alright in the end. It spiraled down, starting to bend, until she SNAPPED and the authorities would send her away and she cried herself to be... not crazy.
Upside down and inside out
You turned my heart
Round and about
Took it in, spit it out.
You killed me
And there's no doubt
I'm dead you see
I'm going home
Not alone
But going to a questionable home
Where no one knows
The real me.
About being kicked out of my home and taken in by my great aunt who was terrifying.

— The End —