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Grey Pryor Jul 2019
When my heart broke
it was because I was told my life might be short.
When my heart broke
I realized I might not want to fight.
To fight life
I feel as if the reasons I had to fight have died.
That is the sickest part of it all.
Grey Pryor Apr 2019
Grey Pryor Apr 2019
When we were kids laying in a field of grass
Our only worry was time
But now I worry more
Mainly of you.
Those naive kids wouldn’t drink
They saw too many of their loved ones falling.
Those kids wouldn’t smoke
They had homework due in the morning.
What have we become so far apart yet
Still managing to live the lives we said we never would
Are we something better or a gap in the wall ignored and hurt so many times
We’re numb?
Grey Pryor Mar 2019
Who are we?
What are we waiting for?
Can we cross paths again?
Grey Pryor Mar 2019
Sometimes I realize what Iam doing is wrong
So I try to set you free.
You say you don’t want to leave out loud
but what is left in silence echoes louder
Grey Pryor Dec 2018
I think I've been missing you
I can't tell if you were a blessing or a lesson
Most moments I loved it
I loved your soft green eyes
and the sweet disguise they were
I miss having someone to call on days like this
Our relationship was always a battle
yes, I won and lost
I lost you in the end
I just had hoped those green eyes were so sweet they would end up
my greatest ally.
Grey Pryor Nov 2018
I miss her
the person my mother loved
I miss her smile, laugh, and way her body wasn't perfect
I miss the way she made being happy seem so easy
I miss how powerful her voice was and the way people cared
she isn't my family or lover
she was me before he
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