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Sophia Feb 2019
I saw you in the caffeteria today.
There you were,
and there I was,
and the only thing keeping us away
were the people around us.
Look at me...
I should pat myself on the back.
I didn’t say hello,
Even though...
I saw you leave the caffeteria today.
I saw you pass behind me and walk up those stairs,
and then...
I saw you, see me.

Until then, our eyes shall meet again.

You look good...
happy looks good on you.
FrostedMustang Jan 2016
I’m in no shape to love
give love
take love
make love
so I will go out with friends
and have just one more
ok two
ok six
say hello to that guy in the hat
that guy with the beard
that guy with blue eyes
like yours
endless skies
and I’ll have one more
to forget
where I parked
take a ride home
take a ride at home
make a mistake
make it again
wake up ashamed
wondering if you would do the same
knowing you already have
given love
taken love
made love
I’m in no shape to love

Colleen Mary Jan 2016
here you and i are again,
nothing is the same from the last time.
your presence feels as though it is a mirage.
surely this is because i thought that i finally found the strength to leave you behind.
**** it; how come you always make your way back into my life?
can't help but fail weak for allowing you to make amends with me.
you appear to be a changed person which is refreshing yet irritating.
the truth is, you can't change the hurt you caused me in the past.
you can say "sorry" til you're blue in the face, yet that takes nothing back.
hate to let you down or ruin your pride parade, i just need to do what's best for me once and for all. running back to your arms for the first time ever feels lethal.

— The End —