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Belle Oct 2019
They say looking down their noses.
She used to be so skinny.
Pretty even, all those moons ago.
Fat, lonely, and ashamed of herself.
Her humanity disappearing with every bite.
No one could love her... not a pig like her.
Lost Soul Mar 2019
you texted me...
i thought you never would
i missed you
so much of me wanted this
but this isnt how i thought it would be

i cant help but feel
like you have something else in mind
i cant fall for you again , i made a deal
i cant keep hurting myself over you
i cant apologize

its not that i didn't like you , i did  
but you never saw it
because it wasnt in the way your used to
so you had a fit like a little kid

i changed alot and im scared
i dont want you to hate the new me
that took so long to build
because no one else cared

im naturally a sad person
i write depressing poems
and i changed the way i dress
i want to be spontaneous
i forced myself to buy a thong
it sits in the back of my drawer
cause i still  hate my body and it just feels wrong
but i'm determined to change that
to love ever curve and stretchmark
even when my stomach isnt flat  

i dont know how long this is going to be
but im going to be the most authentic me
if you dont like the new me
then well you can leave again
but this time dont come back
just let me be
milkweedangel Jan 2018
I wish you’d defend your own body
Like you do those of animals
I wish you’d love your own special quirks
Like you do those of animals
For if seals can be fat and zebras can have marks
Why can’t you?

And if that animal isn’t ugly despite its oddness
If those things make it beautiful and fun and amazing
Why doesn’t the same apply to you?
Why do you insist such mean things about yourself
When animals are exactly the same?

My love I believe
beauty applies to you too
and I’m hoping that you’ll start to see that
you’re just as beautiful as the animal kingdom

So stop shaming yourself
with thoughts that you aren’t
We’re so quick to defend animals called ugly I wish we’d do the same for ourselves
Graham Nov 2017
"Don't look at me like that"
Thin or Fat
Why should you get to body shame me?
So as to get fame
And feel like u've conquered someone who wasn't armed..
Am human just like you, with legs & arms
But you don't get to see that
You see only what you wanna see
The flaws that makes you tick
Don't look at me that way
Yeah those are my scars now
Made by your claws
They clawed deep into my inner being
Leaving a scar too deep to be seen
With a sword depression battles in
I yield
Am like a broken glass now
Too shattered to feel whole
All because you looked at me that way
No one is perfect
But we are close to perfection in our own way...
Am awake now
No more in the nightmare you built me
Don't look at me like that
For I am beautiful.
Be real, Be original.... Don't just stare with
your killer eyes
Nicki Mngadi Mar 2017
This body swelled and store fat without my permission
they scream insults and it folds on itself.
Their sweet chuckles taste bitter on my ears.
fake smiles are my only offering to this daily crucifixion.

I rearrange my voice to answer them

But I don't
body shaming is real
JenaMarie Nov 2015
Is an expectation in our society today
Makes us up
Become who we are
Was invented to hide one's scars
Gives us a mask
Let us redesign who we are
Is what drives us crazy
Are killing themselves,
to find someone who'd **** for them
Boys face it too
To look impressive
To be desirable
The measurement of it
Is what should be blamed,
for our troubles
Beauty itself.

— The End —