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No One May 12
Sick of your voice, usually shouting
Tired of being a disappointed daughter
But even though it feels like dying
I will always know that you love me mother

9 months of carrying me in your womb
15 years of taking care of me
All these years, I am just so weak and clumsy
Yet you believe in me mommy

When my brain become a mess
Because of problem and pain in my chest
Yet I know that I will solve this God's test
Because mother is always here and she knows best
This one's a poem for the best mother in the world, my mom. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there! Have a nice day!
No One Mar 27
They say, roses are red

Violets are blue

But I say, roses are dead

The colors are within you
It came up in my mind, guess I need to share it to you.
No One Mar 1
Philippines is our beloved country
The system of our government is democracy
Yet in here, we're not free
To scream the words for us to finally see

We are locked in a prison
Some knew it and most don't even know
That they are drinking a poison
Gave by the politics who are really slow

I know they are poisoned too
Yet they have no clue
Glad I am not becuase I already new
That it was the money who are poisoning you

Dr. Jose Rizal's bapor tabo
Our country with no future and slow updating
Like Politicians in El Filibusterismo
For their promises are always breaking

Article III of 1987, Section 4
Freedom of speech cannot be canceled by any laws
But what is this, why are we having this sore?
Longing for a freedom of all Filipinos

You open your mouth, you talk to a gun
The country who was succesful before was now gone
But It's not fault of a certain someone
It is always a fault of everyman
Hi to all fellow filipinos out there! This is for you from no one.
No One Feb 23
With you in my heart
Staring at your face that looks like an art
This time, the light appears in front of my sight
Now I know that I can finally find my Mr. Right

Is this attraction?
Or a drug that can be an addiction?
Inside my mind, I have a mission
But I have no confidence to make an action

Loving you is not a mistake
But maybe confessing can make my heart break
If you only knew from the start that you are my aim
Will you be right beside me for our feelings are the same?

Tried many times to confess
Yet no confidence for I don't have finesse
Suddenly we became close out of the blue
But why do I felt the space between me and you?

They maybe think that It's absurd
"A lady with no chance", that's what I heard
But I don't care a thing for what can I do?
I just want him to say, "I love you too"
This just came up in my mind so It's kinda a mess.
No One Feb 21
Flowers in my hands, now they are dying
Right here in front of you, with my head, bowing
Eyes looking down, for they are swelling
Now I'm in front of a gravestone, with my eyes, staring

Till Death Do Us Apart, you said
The accident happened last year so you're now dead
But until now I can't move on
Always looking up at the stars, waiting for you til' dawn

This necklace you gave me
I know you're the one who made it sweetie
Written my name, with a heart at the end
That's when I felt that I was a lucky girlfriend

I want to accept the fact
But my heart don't want to act
Now I can't take it anymore
Wait for me, mi amor
An elegy for you from no one!
No One Feb 6
In this court, we call world
All I have is you
But you stabbed me like a sharp sword's
Now I guess you're one of them too

I woke up here full of judgements
With no freedom to my every movements
Please be careful to what you say
For maybe something will happened at the end of the day

Why can't you accept the fact?
The fact that I have bad side
Please crap that act
And reveal that lie you have always hide

Suddenly I found out your betrays
"Truth hurts", that's what they always says
I thought you were my friend
Sorry but I guess your lie has to meet the end
It just came up to my mind so It's just a crap
No One Feb 5
Days of hiding the hurt and pain
Nights of trying to be okay
Is killing herself is the answer?
For her life that no one even dares to care

In this bridge, she stood up here
Looking at the water reflection
With her eyes swelled up on tears
Almost eaten by regretion

Hundreds of pain in her chest
But they say mother knows best
But how can she know it?
If now that she's in rest?

"Dead mother, ran away father
ugly freak orphan, a complete weird woman
We don't care about her
She only loves by no one"

Try to understand her style
You'll traumatized for life
Because behind her fake smile
Hides an unforgettable lie in her billion strife

Now she felt a hug from her back
She wonders who is it cuz her sight is black
So she asked cuz she's sure who's this enigma
"Is it you papa or maybe it's you mama?
Another poem again about depression from no one! Hope you enjoy!
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