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Sage Feb 11
You have left me here
For over two years
Pining and praying
I've watched silently as you've loved another
Whispered his name next to the ever poisonous flower of 'I love you'
I've felt your lips on mine and I thought we might make it
We might navigate the battlefield of our youth and make it out alive
I've heard the deafening sound of silence as my heart slowly broke when you left me
Your reasons clouded in cryptic ever changing half-answers
I've celebrated when you finally let him go
I foolishly hoped now there might be room for me again
Afterall you never denied it
I've waited patiently for you to be ready
'I don't want a relationship right now'
That constant excuse that I respected every breath
But here we are
Two years later and you have led me on a wild chase through the gardens of love
Only to wind up in the arms of another
Someone new that hadn't ever even been in the picture
In fact he was pushed so far beyond the frame I didn't think he could ever come close
To your winter twilight eyes and your electricity that I thought you had promised me
But yet here we are
I'm loosing you for the third time and you still have never told me why
But I will shove it all away
My heart's been broken for years
What's one more *****?
I will always love you and I won't let our friendship suffer because of it. But I will forever be waiting for you to keep your promise
Sage Jan 21
They say that if you want to know what a person is the most afraid of loosing, watch what they photograph

Half of my camera roll is of you
Sage Jan 10
I wrapped my heart in pain-infused steel
To protect from the words you try to impale me with
'Just shed a tear, maybe then I'll stop'
Why would you want to make your child cry?
'To make you show emotion'
My silence is my emotion
If I move to defend you will just cut me down
With burning anger that is unmatched by even the devil himself
'You don't even care.'
But I do
I just learned not to flinch when faced with a predator
Sage Jan 10
There is something rotting in my brain
Something that turns my empathy to apathy
My kindness into weakness
My love into pain
There is something fundamentally
With twisted smiles and insane eyes
A short leash on emotions I am not even sure are real
What will happen when I snap?
When everything explodes outwards?
Will there even be anything left?
Sage Jan 8
Your greatest enemy is hope
It makes you believe that maybe
Just maybe
You stand a chance
Because the person you thought you were over
Is back
And you are stuck hoping
That maybe
Just maybe
That the person that made you loose faith in love
Might just make you believe in it again
Sage Jan 1
I always thought it would be you
We would sit on the sofa wrapped in each other's arms as we watched the ball drop
I would feel you lips on mine like the fireworks they always were
Welcoming in a new year
But here I am
Alone once more
Watching movies and writing poems about someone I no longer love
For not the first time in my life I wish soulmates existed
Maybe then I would have been spared
Maybe I would still believe in love
Maybe I would instead be filled with wishes instead of bitterness
Maybe I would still want a New Years Kiss
Sage Dec 2018
He loves me

He loves me not

He loves me
He loves me not

He loves me

He loves me not

He loves me.

   He left.
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