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Tyrone May 2020
Don’t you just love the circus
A place so filled with magic
Where even if the show is new
The acts spectacularly classic

A place with lions and tigers
And the crowd roars even louder
And the art is brought to life
Like it’s sprinkled in magic powder  

Where the clown is real
Like the laughs that will follow
And your dreams are full filled
Your never left feeling hollow

The daredevils in the spotlight
Have you holding your breath
The show is so full with life
But it’s like performing with death

There is no other place like it
Where they bring magic to the surface
It’s a whole new world to discover
This is the life on the circus
Ali Feb 2017
You might think you are an average person
The one on the street we walk by and miss
But to help somebody's life not worsen
Is a thought no one should have to dismiss

Struggling people fighting for their lives
Want their suffering to come to an end
Their pain is unbearable like sharp knives
The least we can do is just be a friend

The agony dealt with could be relieved
With a simple smile or a high five
If we all came together and believed
It would be great to see the fighters thrive

The need of more helpers is essential
You can help, don't limit your potential
Joshua Penrod Jan 2017
We go round and round like wheel chairs
Back and forth like bad decisions
Counting up taxi fares

If I could, I'd kiss you to the moon and back
But we don't have time for that
do we.

I look forward to each half-embrace
Maybe, it could be full some day
Some day....
Some day we'll see

I already know I'd go where you go
Follow you even if it's to the end of me
No one ever wants a good thing to go away
Why should I be selfish and think I'm any different

There is no difference
You say it makes no difference
And If I can't make it different
If your mind is made up
Then I make no difference
To you

"No Difference" -JP
Flo Oct 2015
How hard can be a way
Of peace and tolerance
How come I see every day
People, who take every chance
To find a reason to discriminate
Colour, religion or gender
Why does it have to be so much hate
Why can't we treat each other tender
People so narrow-minded
Continuing to stir up trouble
Throughout their hatred they've been blinded
Here we stand in front of rubble
Let's pick up the pieces and built up a society based on equality
This poem is meant to be a plea. A plea to everyone to try contributing to a society, where people can be equal. To go out and start making a difference. Everyone can contribute. I really hope that one day we can look over the boundaries such as religion, coulour, *** or ****** orientation and treat each other the way everyone deserves to be treated.
Phil Lindsey May 2015
A Hundred years is nothing to an oak.
A Thousand to a mountain is a joke.
A Million to a solar system just exceeds its birth.
And we expect to make a difference in roughly eighty years on Earth?
PwL  5/5/15

— The End —