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Mitch Nov 2018
I am under no illusion
So include your delusions
In the things I love about you

I believe in mistakes
and redemption
When they are founded in love
and intention
I believe in exceptions
and exemptions
Because no one is perfect
Mitch Feb 2018
My life lacks without a purpose divine
and I try not to settle
but can't find time to try

I'm clueless to the canvas
I only know the corner
that I've already covered

I was hidden in decisions
but now I need directions, so
which way are we going?
Mitch Feb 2018
Build the branches
And birds will land
Free to leave but
rest in the shade

When the season takes
they'll bask in the sun
and make it their home
until Spring.
Be a strong foundation for your loved ones and they won't let you down when you need them.
Mitch Jun 2015
I remember love
and it's steep cavernous walls
the gripping elation
And unforced smiles.

Comfort falls in the crook
of my arm and my lungs
And steals away my fear.
Her breath tickles my shoulder,
she twitches in her sleep
And smiles like the crack of dawn.

Where love would wear away
now it wears on me,
weighs on my security;
a secret I won't believe.

I climbed with grit and grin
against gravity.
Where I used to fear the climb
now I fear the fall.
Mitch Jan 2015
Love dangles in my eyes.
Love floats in my air.
Love is my every tomorrow
and today is already gone.

I scroll through
hopeful photos.
I see yellow glows
in windows.

the lamp and the screen
grant me amity.
I started with the first stanza and the "floats in my air" line led me to start talking about a wanting love like it was the scent. That took me to "smelling" it like I was hungry, wanting love like I want food. I had a line in this poem about "going to bed hungry" and a simple sentence "A pie in the window". The idea of looking at love like a pie in the window led me to start thinking about looking out through my own window at all the other windows across the city that I can see from my desk. I turned back to my laptop and instinctively opened Facebook; another window of sorts. I realized that there are two very different senses of unity at play in this scene - a unity with other lonely souls sitting by their windows, and another different connection with social media posts from people who are already in happy relationships.
Mitch Dec 2014
I try to do right
but I have my vices
And for that, I have my guilt.

I know my heart
And want to live by its course
Despite my windy nights.

Living awake when I should be sleeping
Is all too familiar, all too comforting.
Why should I avoid the moments that I have had
the most of?

I tried to fall asleep early,
but I have my nights.
I have myself;
to credit and to blame.
A short piece about accepting who I am and what makes me tick, rather than fighting my creative impulses.
Mitch Dec 2014
I want her
to not just remember that she is beautiful
but to know it always.

I need her
to love her how I love her -
in all of her ways.

I will only trade gold
for gold.
A story about a breakup that was driven by one person having a poor self-image; which makes it very difficult for anyone else to love them.
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