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Mitch P Nov 2023
The Golden glow
is Melting blue into spills of
Lipstick and vacation
Falling behind the world
Mitch P Nov 2023
I wish I could be your tree
That you sit beneath and ask
For guidance in your confusion
Clarity on windy days. My branches
Would brush together and shake out
Answers in the rustling between
My leaves
And you would go with answers
Into the sunshine
Mitch P Sep 2021
Beautiful days and sidewalks
crack a smile in the shadows
tree limb shelter from the sun
leaves me hallowed, hello
to the nothingness, pause the carousel
that's swinging around my temple, I've got
complicated thoughts, but
I'm thinking life is simple.
Single winds make many movements
like single bills make amusements
take a stroll through acoustics
and sit amid confusion.
I got rhythm in my dark red tubes that
beat, I'm on the street with my windows down
not hindered down, how
can I, not smile?
Sweet breeze
brings the sun
I go forward
until I get to where I came from.
I can't turn this piece of paper
back into a pine
so I might as well write on its lines.
I can't have been gone for too long.
Suddenly I'm hearing myself talk
on this beautiful day
staring at the sidewalk.
Mitch P Jul 2021
Through the window
watching paintbrush skies
fade into a starlit night
moving over us
hurdling forward
carrying our suitcases of reflections
- worries, frustrations, relief.

without seeing
Because I'm imagining a memory
- frightfully similar
to predicting the future.
Cornering the world,
I'm turning away
from paintbrush skies.

back and forth between
my canvas and my muse
within and without my mind
Moving with broad strokes
that shrink into the detail
Never quite sure  if I'm seeing
what's really ahead
or in my head.
Mitch P Jul 2021
I put away the dishes
hampering peace of mind
dancing between the counters
handling the quiet

tidying a mess
and unhiding fears
feeling each breath in my throat,
fighting back tears

I picture the most beautiful
and sad, image I've ever had
and wonder if heartache
only gets harder with age

At the arc of my day
Before things go back to different
I shutter in my memories
and put away the dishes
Mitch P Nov 2018
I am under no illusion
So include your delusions
In the things I love about you

I believe in mistakes
and redemption
When they are founded in love
and intention
I believe in exceptions
and exemptions
Because no one is perfect
Mitch P Feb 2018
My life lacks without a purpose divine
and I try not to settle
but can't find time to try

I'm clueless to the canvas
I only know the corner
that I've already covered

I was hidden in decisions
but now I need directions, so
which way are we going?
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