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Innocent Jan 3
Not too much, but very little
There are very few things going on with me in them,
That keeps me moving,
The very few things.
BIG enough to define me,
Small enough to make you wonder,

If I don't drink, what will I do,
You cannot take away drink from me,
Don't try to,
It's like taking away life from me,
What is life, if not well lived,
It's just only a waste of years,
Well they say life is too short,
So the waste will probably not be too much.
Struggle drink wine hustle writer living life
Innocent Jan 3
You are not looking young,
That's what my mother keeps saying to me.
But there is a problem,
A big problem,
A problem with myself,
That problem is difference
I don't think like you, maybe worse
I dont reason like you, maybe abnormally.

But I drink,
And then I am good,
I make friends,
I remember how urgent I am,
But then drink, it's a route to an end,
Wilshere! my friend calls
One thing will **** a man,
So i drink, this time from the bottle
To look for who i am,
But all i see, is what i hear them call me;
Failure, shame, disgrace, liar, thief, lazy, loser,
Then I rage at them,
Promise to take revenge for the pain,
Then they come back,
Seeking my assistance,
And I help them,
Am I not a loser and a failure?
Then they have been right about me.
some are out there feeling very differently from the world, they lack common abilities, but deep down are endowed with rare gifts

— The End —