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In this moment i feel fine.
Not trapped like falls foliage under neath winters white blanket.
Neither do i feel free
Like the fowl that flew south.
I feel somewhere in the awkward middle ground between
Flight and containment.
But what a beautiful feeling.
I may not be airbourne,
Honking with the lively flock of beasts
Seeking asylum from winters
Chillful howls.
But at least im above ground.
And thats encouraging.
Just jotting a little poem. Alot of people go through **** this time of year. Some have the best times of their lives. Just happy to be riding the in between. Merry xmas every body.
Temporal Fugue Dec 2018
A day for the books
a Christmas gone by
one more dead turkey
one more pumpkin pie

Family and friends
comrades in arms
all the way to the end
no anger no harm

A day to remember
after everything's done
presents all opened
for each, every one

Blood's thicker than water
and forgiveness assured
for all of the trespass'
of what was endured

So once more we'll partake
of the wine and repast
for everyone's sake
silently lashed
to the mast
Ever notice some walk the plank, more than others? ;D
Colten Sorrells Dec 2018
all these
for today
after I took
a few tokes
of that
Christmas Tree
I can’t do ****,
except lay here
and feel the vibrations
from all the traffic
on Old 60
Was gonna quit, but I just so happened to get hooked up with a nice, fragrant little nugget that was shaped a bit like a Pine Tree!

Merry Christmas
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
People celebrate in many different ways.
Some with trees and displays,
others with candles and lights.
But in whatever way you will celebrate,
may your holidays be happy and great.
Happy Holidays!!!
Sophie Katherine Dec 2018
another unfamiliar holiday
broken pieces repeatedly jammed together
trying to become whole again
the silence is deafening
between each cutting remark
tears are shed
and I don’t feel like I belong
these people are close by proximity
but not close by heart
I wish I could escape
though the december air is hot in florida
the people around me are what make it feel so cold
a wonderful christmas eve experience led to a not-so-wonderful christmas morning, which inspired me to write this poem juxtaposed to the one from last night
Caro Dec 2018
Anxious she finds herself
Though lately less so
Childhood bed
In her childhood home
Thinking childish thoughts in her childhood head
Russian nesting doll

Nesting soon to be though not so
Rings and nausea
And please let me sleep
Head in her mother’s lap

Mental illness and lack of routine
Tapping on her glass

The blurry light from the hallway outside the bedroom reflecting on the shiny wooden headboard.
How many many many times has this dappled wood revealed its imperfections in that blurry reflected light?
Put me to sleep with your consistency and resolve

Thank you little light
And mother’s hands that flipped the switch
And eyes that remember
And mini terrors of her adolescents that gave this reflection the right to sweep across her consciousness in swooning waves that feel soothing as they scrape.

In this moment its comfort is quite enough
Trying to fall asleep over the holidays and the blurry reflection of the light on the headboard that I didn’t know was so familiar to me
Sophie Katherine Dec 2018
family gathered around the table
every year for something special
hearty laughter fills the air
and I feel at peace
telling stories
cracking jokes
sharing memories
i’m reminded of my blessings
though the family is small
the bond is stronger
as we grow close and feel our love
though the december air is hot in florida
the people around me are what make winter warm
I was inspired to write after such a wonderful christmas with my family this year. my aunt and uncle are in town and our time together has really been great I love them a lot :’)
s Willow Dec 2018
To some it’s holly
and a joyous time
full of family and friends.
To me
it’s cold
and lonely.
Happy holidays to the ones that celebrate.
Enjoy your family and fun.
I’ll be crying in the corner.
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