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Lyndsey Jun 16
If you tremble,
let it be from the release
of every nervous thought
you’ve ever had.

I have found some insecurities can be kissed away,
others pushed aside.
There will be no room for fear in you
once I am inside.

This fire will start with a match,
make sure it’s one you want to throw.
This fire comes for the heart,
I’ll ignite your body, mind, and soul.
Lyndsey Jun 11
Touch me with eyes closed
to memorize
every line.

Kiss me with eyes open
to watch
as I melt with you.

If you tell me you kiss like you speak
I'll drink these words
as they fall from your lips.
Lyndsey May 30
like the sunlight
when days turn dark and cold.

like the comfort of home
when I've been traveling.

like a breath
when my lungs scream for air.

I miss you.
Lyndsey May 27
Enchantment is a fools game,
one we’ll play with raw abandon.

Tastes of bitter honey,
of wishes we can’t count on.

Consider your challenge called,
before the end you will be mine.

I hope you know what you’re asking for,
to the risks I remain blind.
This poem was also a combined writing/editing effort. <3
Lyndsey May 27
You took the plunge.
Fell hard and fast,
went against the flow

In the dark you crawled
hoping I was there
but never really knowing.

A confession,
beneath the surface of your lips,
typed across a page with nervous fingertips.

Truth, terror, a bit of a rush,
it all came spilling out of you,
this wasn't just a crush.

Now you're standing at a check point
reminding me it's no race.
I'll try to get there gracefully
but fear falling on my face.
Lyndsey May 26
Slow it down a moment,
I’m an acoustic mind.
You can still move those hips,
sway with me
and I’ll keep the music timed.

Furious passion burns bright
but I’d rather we be embers,
something we can both enjoy.
Smiles like yours smolder
**** is better when it’s coy.

Don’t rush the tempo.
You can **** a body,
but it’s better to make love to a mind.
Keep it slow and sway with me,
I’ll keep the music timed.

Cuddling can be full contact,
a kiss you can’t give
is a promise still made.
A touch is just an impact,
intimacy is a game to be played.

If you close your eyes
I’m not what you’d expect
It’s the surprise of stars aligned
So slowly sway those hips with me
and I’ll keep the music timed.
This poem came to fruition through a combined editing/writing effort. <3
Lyndsey May 26
Have you erased me?
As easily as the flame was lit
Did it burn out?

Have you erased me?
You loved my blush, my smile
Have you washed the sight away?

Have you erased me?
I was your good morning, you my goodnight
Does time still feel the same to you?

Have you erased me?
I was your muse and you mine
Did the words drain from you?

Have you erased me?
My soul sighed when it met you,
Is yours broken now too?

Have you erased me?
It was likely never permanent
but it was a moment I lived for.
Have you erased me?
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