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Dominique Apr 2020
limbs that sweat in plastic
doctor's bin-bag clothes
hospitals like landfills
landslide horror wards
clap like it's been scripted
casualty- stream live
sunlight voids the distance
summer pressure- vibe
queen is on TV
joke is on the screen
everyone's outside
looking for a sign
bathing in the light
bouncing off the streets
who cares about the queen?
"NHS staff are wearing bin bags for protection, and the Queen is to address the nation. Read more in today's coronavirus round-up"
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
Poetry in motion
is a sea on the ground.
In the sky the Moon
is its headline!
Kuvar May 2018
This day, the grand commander refused the opened door of the corridor that exhumes National odour,
The iconic gallant lamented “good harvest is impossible with rats in the rock’
The Grand commander is right, isn’t he?
Giant rats with two legs and ***** claws caused us wounds yet to close up,
The pig fight they played us in tough dirt
let the Atlantic be a stain remover yet it won’t cleanse us
Let us take the hands of the Clock to dance the moon walk,
You see these rats are black flames in a dark room,
An illumination of appetitive explosion
Oh Clock, the thorns on your feet, can you see?
That the rich green land broke your rich green  blood,
Wait, can’t you smell a dead rat?
The beautiful rat who at a time was the pilot of the crafts
who went so far to bury legality in a pit latrine,
I guess, it smells too nice.
I am sorry oh Clock, I know you hate the moon walk,
I see they make your old wounds open to new grief
Should rats hunt rats for if rats hunt rats then who pants?
Twenty shekels of silver awaits you in twenty’ 20
Take it and let the times get sweaty *****
Oh Clock! Your prophecy talks in time
Should I seek vengeance from the grey sky?
Should the thunderstorm strike and the gullible grey hair die
Rats of bungalow minds in elevated ranks
We trust their word yet they ****** the sword
It is this organizational madness
Let me stop here before the mad dogs bite me
Every Nigerian would have that date on their head the event of a rat in our aso rock., how pathetic but I found out it is poetic. Unraveling the depth of it
Jacob Traver Mar 2016
We all look the
When all the lights are
Out --
Headline -- evidence --
"Two Big Dark Looking Men" --
Objection --
Why Big?
Overruled --
We all take on
When all the lights are
Inspired by Machinal by Sophie Treadwell
Wa Wa Feb 2015
from the shadows, the attention is deafening.
in the shadows, the dark is calm,
away from the bright lights.
spotlights are only for those who seek them.
Ashley Aug 2014
The difficulty I see
through the news
through these tubes
is that people
don't see people
as people.

strange to say
the phrase before.
people should
see people
as people.

when I go out
I people watch.
knowing every person
that I see
has a life.

it shouldn't be
to think of
people have lives.
duh, you may say.

but a person
gets beaten
and they
are a victim.

you read in the news
"woman beaten brutally by ex"
and so many have the thought
"she probably deserved it"

you read a headline
"teen fatally shot by officer"
and so many ask
"well what did he do?"

you read the post
"celebrity dead by own hand"
and so many write
"what a coward"

Those people
the woman who was beat
the teen who was shot
the man who couldn't live
they are people.
they are humans.

all these people are humans
all these people
are people.
so treat them as such.

they have lives.
had lives.
cared for others
had others care for them.

don't be cruel
don't judge them
for their headlines.

because people
are people
and treat them as such
because someday
you may be a headline too.

— The End —