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It is good to be alone
Alone is a healthy thing
You learn to enjoy your own company
We must be alone with ourselves
Let's meet ourselves shall we
Until a person can be content
In their own company
That person will always be looking
For love and approval
From other people
Take it from me
I've learned to be alone
I've become used to it
Alone can ache your bones
When your friends and family won't
Call or answer the phone
My advice to those who feel alone
Do things you enjoy
Don't chase people who dont care
Spend time with animals
I will be your friend
I am here
People have problems
They cannot be there always
But someone who cares
Will make you a priority
I am worth being treated first class
I'm not a second choice
Take me or leave me
I love me
God loves me
I choose gratitude
For I do have a few friends
I have a small family
We are not a perfect bunch
On the contrary no one is
So I choose to see the best in people I love people anyway
For that is how I was raised and taught
Being thoughtful and considerate
Pushes trouble away and keeps Mans face from the rubble
Written by Danielle Elizabeth Summers
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2019
all my poems are unique general principles

~for Helene Mendelsohn~

“A general principle never comes to life in my mind except by exhibiting itself in various special forms and in
crowds of instances for each form":  
R.G. Collingwood

each a construct - an arch-i-texture,
each a crowd of a single instance
special forum, a dialogue differentiation,
a conjugate particle,
forming up, in marching order,
a singular troop, a base case singular,
a soldier especially demanding,
“Of Me, Write, Write”

for within my insight,
a one-off sighting,
one glinting wave reflecting,
its one millisecond exactitude of existence,
reforming unseemly, a new but not!

a seemingly similar shifted shape,
but no wave is a precision repetition,
perhaps a passing familiarity
of its precedents, antecedents,
at best

an instance borrowed and paid back
to the generosity of time
for a fully developed statement of a
general principle,
even a primary secondary textual emendation,
requires a unique naming definition

being born and dead dying while you are blinking,
does not understate absolute value,
a principle exists to give absolution,
so the moments resets,
but its own resolution is n’err forgotten

do you see the crowd of inferences
herein contained?

the principal unique,
poem plucked from passing sun ray,
a tickling hair of a brazen breeze,
one wave, one wave reconstituting a
millennium of preceding lives,
deriving its abbreviated genealogy
of droplets of prior principles
forever reinterpreted

so I gave you back
words you knew
but in a new combination
establishing this poem,
its constituents,
as a unique general principle

there is a prior poem, new, unique
in everything
7/21/19 10:00 am S.I.
Brandon Conway Apr 2019
Gaze upon the hidden
an impossibility
light is forbidden
in this distorted intangibility

But we see
we see
general relativity
Tuan Do Mar 2019
Dressed in steel,
Spear in hand,
The general conquers in four directions.

Dressed in law,
Brush in hand,
The minister governs all ranks of men.

Dressed in Gold,
Wine in hand,
The Emperor watches as his empire grow.
Ah, but is this not the way of the world.
Jose Gonzalez Feb 2019
Before you read or listen, find a quiet place, turn of the lights if at night. Get as comfortable as possible as you set a mood to relax, find calm, and be in a state of silence. Please do so first, then count slowly backwards from 10 to 1 with each number bringing your mind to be open and receptive to thoughts. Pause at this point, repeat the counting, till you are ready to continue on.

Let us begin shall we? Think of this as a brief exercise in bringing forth energies. To manifest things as you listen or read. The power that can and does happen.

   Tune into the sound of silence. When nothing but the occasional small sound is heard. try to sense and make out all the sounds you hear. where they are coming from in the house and room. You don't need to identify them, just think of where they are. In your mind do this for about 30 seconds. Now listen to the way you can hear the thump of blood pumping through your veins, drumming softly in your ears. The way it pumps from the heart to the entire body. Hear it moving throughout and how it feels in your body. Are you hearing it? Now move to the feeling of air passing in and out of your body effortlessly, as your chest rises and falls. The coolness of it as you breath in your nose and slowly exhale from your mouth. So calming, relaxing more and more. Now for you to think of the quiet time at home right now, in the dark, alone, and  to yourself.
  It's just a relaxing moment to just, well just be. Stillness fills everything, your body sinking comfortably, weightless as if floating on water. A moment that seems to fade into something else as you drift away into it.
    Ooh, what was that sudden shiver through your body? Did you just feel that? Where did that come from like that? Okay, probably nothing, maybe you should just get back to relaxing, reading this some more. Try to enjoy the silence again without worries, without stress, and not think of anything. Forget the sensations you ha, and again find your calm, except for that shiver that just is happening.   
   What's with the shivers all of a sudden again? Do you have anything that is open or cause a draft from anywhere? If not can mentally figure why this is happening? It's making relaxation a bit more difficult to do isn't it? It's seemingly stranger than usual in the air from it is isn't it? Maybe feeling heavier somehow? Are you noticing how alert your senses seem to be getting? Is it just you, or your imagination going? Maybe you should glance around the room to see if something is causing it to feel a bit chilled. To take a better look to make sense of something else in the room.
   Why does it seem every little sound now seems odd to you? Familiar but out of place in some way, now with heightening senses you are experiencing. The shivering is just increasing more and more with the new sounds, agitating you as to why it's happening. That slow thumping of blood in the ear is growing louder and louder, having you to concentrate on those other sounds alot more intently. Your chest is rising and sinking faster, that sense of dread haunting in the back of your mind is mounting.
   The silence should hold a different feel about it now. The air is chilled for sure, but not a crisp chill. more of an unnatural one. It's feeling heavier by the seconds, pressing in all around from everywhere. Why is this coming on like this do you think? Why are you suddenly listening to every little noise? What the heck is with the house? You should question yourself these things indeed.
   Alright this is becoming a bit much isn't it? Trying to just get through what was written here now with it all. All there was to be done was relax, maybe read this, feel at ease.  Oh how the room is feeling like it's starting to be crowded, overwhelming, smothering to be in. Something pacing, and waiting, lurking all about and near for you to be off guard, but can't see a thing there with you. The hairs are starting to stand up and no reason why they should. Anxiety is building and building, but what for? Calm, calm! You have to calm and gain composure. Just finish reading this, chill, stop and shake it off as no one should be there with you at all.
   All the chills running on your body! You really should try to get up! try to get warm, find why the chills are growing and growing! Shake this off, you can do it! Or maybe the shivering is getting out of hand! The back of your neck is just getting tingles and raising the hairs!? Your heart is beating way too much and every breathe more labored to be comfortable with! Have to breathe! Settle it down, breathe in, one, two three, then out, slowly, one, two, three. Is it even really helping?  What's with all the constant little f'n sounds from nowhere and everywhere? What is wrong the room already? from just outside the room!? Tell yourself Get up! Get up! Get up! You should stop reading, listening  here, answer your need to leave the room!!
   Do you find you can't stop looking around either can you!? Why is it so thick in the air? You gotta get the out right now! Stop this here, as something isn't right! Something is there with you, and you SHOULD go! Is it this? Is it really conjuring something as you read or hear!? Is it possible that all the while,  this had been charged in bringing something into your calm space!? Should you question, WHAT IS HAPPENING!??? Can you sense it now!? Hovering over you on the ceiling, behind you, in a dark shadowy place not wanting to see what is really there, or see something moving from the corner of your eye!? If you only knew from the noises, the feelings, what you have been reading or heard all along! To know if everything that's been said is able, like an incantation to bring forth something and you unwittingly have it there with you! Now the time for it has come, IT IS HERE......
   Silence! It's all suddenly gone, Nothing. The quiet from before has come back as if none of this happened. As if the Anxiety was for nothing and seems to be leaving, the shivers slowly alleviating. The loud drumming sound of blood pumping in your ears still thumping, but ever so slowly dissipating. The air is lightening a little and not as thick, making breathing a bit easier. It's was all too strange to make any sense of it. Aa renewed feeling o calm and tranquility washing over a bit.  To think this could of brought on something to you, right? Except the tingling and raised hairs that aren't going away fully....
   The static charge that is spiking again right NOW! From the back all the way up the spine and to the arms! Making your feet like pins and needles, squirming and inside your gut! IT'S RIGHT HERE! Then comes the sudden loud BANG from out of nowhere behind!!   as you jump and turn, to hear and feel the hot breath in your ear say "It's me"! and to see the image of a large black shadow that rushes you from within the room!
That is what is in the silence. That just may very well be in it. That is what is conjured from this as you listened or heard, waiting for the stillness of your mind so it can show itself to you!
Leia Spencer Feb 2019
When I was young
I would spend hours
Braiding and undoing
My thick golden hair
Now that I’ve grown
I pull strands of sunlight
Out of the sky
To braid the golden strings
Into a crown
And claim my rightful place
After all, I wasn’t named Leia for nothing
-waiting to be recognized as a general instead of a princess
It was all practice for the real deal
Annie Dec 2018
My first year I learned to do my work
The second one I learned to love it too
The third year I learned to talk to people
Finally, I fell in love with you
This was not written from my perspective :)
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
There’s two types of people in this world and some of them aren’t as confident, proud, outgoing, steadfast, and brave, the list is endless, as others. This is written for those who take the back seat for the most part and don’t always love the lime light. Don’t worry, some of us understand you.

She wakes up in the morning
and rolls Herself out of bed
She tries Her hardest and clears Her busy head.
She gets to the mirror and sees Her smile.
"Oh my word what a pile of ****...
I still have to do today
just to say that I am done"
is what She needs to tell Herself everyday
but She sadly stops at part one.

She examines herself,
takes the make up off the shelf
and puts on Her face for the day.
She thinks of all the people She needs to face
And what exactly She needs to say.

To be polite … while being precise
but without being Un-PC.
but these words evade Her
like steadiness in a seizure
so many faces that daunt Her,
past social encounters that haunt Her
and it’s only the beginning of the day.
when I see Her engage with the   
bewilderment of people,       
it’s an interesting sight in itself.

(as David Attenborough)
as the female puts her best foot forward,      she also uses Her sceptical eye too     
and Her heart, goes back in its shell.       
it’s not that She doesn’t trust the other humans in the species,      and it’s not that you aren’t to be liked,       
but She needs to tell if the friendship is for one second or for life.

I watch Her and notice how She holds a conversation like I want Her to hold my               
....... heart.        Anxiously, yet tentatively and caringly too.
But it’s lunch time now and for Her that relief,
to sit, not eat, and have a self-debrief.         
“you’re done with half of things in your way for today, and it’s all smooth sailing from here!”
is what She needs to tell Herself right now       
but there’s a slight change added in Her schedule,
its panic and ******.                     
“WHAT EVER SHALL I DO?”.             
then the soothing voice,
of Her chubby Adonis,             
has to tell her what to do:       
don’t you worry,             
don’t you fret,
together we’ll see this through.   
You’re already half way done and you’ve climbed small mountains,     give yourself credit where it is due!”       
but in her mind, it sounds, otherwise       
it sounds like there’s still mountains ahead     
and only molehills achieved.     
and the energy levels are depleted.     
and baby now you’re halfway.

So it’s something to ponder how someone can wonder and stress and dwell and plea.     
on social situations that you may take for granted as something to face on the daily.            
so, don’t be impatient, but for once just stand in Her shoes and find some other ways to wipe away and not give them their blues.
A spoken word piece I did based on my Fiance and her general daily anxieties
Oskar Roux Dec 2018
There's that thing that lingers
In every one of us.
Staying just out of sight,
But not out of mind.

One  Black (w)hole.

Two halves of a whole.
Two holes that see desire.
Two pieces to the puzzle,
Two mysteries to decode and
Two logs to the fire.
Two constellations that congregate
Two great stars that pulse and burn.
Two great ebbs and flows of time and space
Two tiny wrinkles on eternity's face.

Like the earth around the sun
I revolve around thee.
But like our universe in the grandeur
We're ineffective in the scheme.
Yet the only universe in which we can cause some revolution.
Is the vault deep within our minds
of which silence is noise pollution.
And the worst enemy is time.

A black whole
Three times bigger than one would like to admit.
Two halves of the whole of our mind, which in turn is a bottomless pit.
One the life we live in this revolving bundle of mass and gas.
So use it to your fullest potential
And be about your wit.
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