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preston Mar 19

only in part, carrying  in them
the beautiful ache  of Love's

healing light..
but there is  nothing

   that is not  of them
  and there is nowhere  you can turn

  and no where you can run to
where  they are not  continually

all around you,  waiting..
hoping, dreaming

aching,  on your behalf.

Without your  desire  to tell them
that you can  see them

that you can feel them
that you understand them..

they are continually without purpose
                                           (on your behalf)

Light them up   by  believing
in their existence. my beautiful--

believe in them  and watch them glow.
Turn to them,  and watch yourself  

become  smothered
by the warmth of their redemption

..acknowledge them~
and they will never, ever leave you

clingy little lovebastards, they are
Mark Toney Apr 2020
(Pentagon E-ring office—executive officer knocks & enters—General motions him in)
























                             (XO nods his head, smiling)


                             (shaking head)









                               (XO exits)

© 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
4/25/2020 - Poetry form: Alliteration - This is the 8th poem in my Alliterative Alphabet Series. Each poem describes conversations between two or more people while only using words that start with or sound like the first letter of the title of the poem. I’m publishing the poems as I write them on, not necessarily in alphabetical order. My goal is to write at least 26 poems to cover each letter of the alphabet. I hope you find the concept interesting, maybe even clever. Most of all I hope you enjoy them :) - There are a lot of words starting with "X", but it's a challenge creating a coherent dialog with just "X" words.  Saved by the definition of alliteration: "The occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words."   Ahhh... so the same "sound" would fit the bill.  Thus, the use of words beginning with "ex" would provide the "X" sound, alliteratively speaking :) - Disclaimer: This poem is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.  The names used are ficticious and were chosen to satisfy the requirements of the poetry form. - © 2020 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.
ummily Feb 2017
if it wasn't your soul...
or the flawless symmetry of your face,
or even that stainless yet smokey smile
then it was the statue that they built of you
in the city
and how even the birds knew your name.

between laughter-like sounds,
i can still hear them calling you.
you made your mark.
not on my heart
but                                                        ­                               on the other


                                            in an unexpected space

on my rib cage
a tiny "xo"
marks my skin forever

in black ink.
noor Dec 2016
cause i had the best of the worst sides
i'm a ******* mess sometimes
stay, you're not gonna leave me
feeling six feet under
when i'm 30,000 feet in the air
no i don't love you, and i never did
i can't love when i can't even love myself
things i would rather be thoughts in the back of my head
i always thought that there'd be more than just wishing my life away
and i'd be lying if i told you i'm fine
but i'll lie
and i'll be fine
if you ever ask me
cause i want it all
but all of it ain't gold
i guess i'm too attached to my own pride to let you know
that all these words meant nothing
and i've always been this heartless

and who says you're one in a million
my favourite artist of all time. some of my favourite lyrics from his songs.
Madison Y Oct 2015
There is a love I wish I'd never known;
Its bitter taste still burning on my tongue
Like steaming coffee sipped in haste.
I held my air tight to my chest, but you
Ripped it from my lungs with no warning,
Replacing it with your breath, old cigarettes,
And fumes from gasoline-soaked memories.

****, I was eighteen and had nothing left,
But you lit me on fire. You took more of me
Than I had to give, then left me alone
To create someone new out of my ashes.
Little did you know, I'd fill my cracks with gold,
Forge a new heart, then let the old one melt.
Babe, if love feeds on pain, devour someone else.
Maxi Jun 2015
I love you like a shooting star.
I love you like I love a day where everything goes right.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved.
It’s a secret, between the shadow and the soul
As if you were your own galaxy in itself
The moon lives in the lining of your skin
I love your lips.
Our awkward stares
I love your passion
Even though you probably fail to see it
I know it’s there because…
Just like shooting stars, not everyone gets to see one in a lifetime
But that makes them no less real, or any less magnificent.
I love you without knowing how, or when, or why, or where
Where do these feelings come from?
I love you without insecurities or pride
I love you like I love the thrill of pure infatuation
I love you like R-J loved Kim K for 42 minutes and 12 seconds
I love you like XO
I love you from the grip of my soul
I love you like a shooting star
But I don’t love you like I loved you yesterday
Makenzie Marie Oct 2014
I want you here
Your hand in mine
To feel you close
Oblivious to time

I want you here
My lips on yours
In your arms
I'd feel secure

I want you here
want to feel
Your breath on my neck
Tangible and real

I can't say how much
I want you here
For you to Pull me in
Laugh in my ear

My dear
I want you here
I love you
No matter where
lX0st Jul 2014
I feel so bloated
When I think of you
Like I've swallowed a hundred pills
To forget your silhouette
Against the moonlight
And the perfect edge
Of your sculpted jawline
And the contours of your chest
That move with your ragged breath
And your very strong hands
That are oddly so gentle.
It's almost like I can hear you
Whispering my name
Or feel your arm
Gripping my waist.
These images are so vivid
Why aren’t you here

— The End —