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Öüi Nov 2018
You are a strange kind of beautiful
The type that not all men can handle
You are fire and ice, something spiteful
But I am attracted for reasons I cannot tell
You are a mess of contradictions
But I can see something beautiful
Something that others cannot see for some reasons
But I know that what awaits me is something wonderful
And if I would be so bold
I'd ask you to trust me and show me everything
Show me all your imperfections and I will never fold
Show the beauty within you and I will love you with my everything
I'm ready to fight in the front line
I'm willing to lay down my life for you
I will keep you safe all the time
And never let anyone take you or hurt you
I'll be your soldier
I will fight until the war is won
I'll be your lover
And we will write a story of our own
First poem. IJVS
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

The destiny of madness and greatness
is printed and flipped on the Gods'
coin. It has shadowed the
silver-haired, violet-eyed
beauty from the storm
of her birth

Feeling a little better today.
Nausea still lingers but it wasnt as overwhelming as yesterday!
Freeverse is coming out soon! ^~^
Thank you guys so much for your kind messages! Truly, I'm humbled.
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
I have tried to show you love
A kind no one else would
However you have proven unworthy
Ungrateful is your heart
I tried to make a vow
To return a soul that I thought you cheated
To return a love you were cheated
To remain unsullied until beckon otherwise
However lust consumes your very bone
You have no reasoning or compassion for me
You stab my heart repeatedly with your cold words
Your demeaning gaze
Yet I still try
A fool I am for that length of time
Bound by the shackles of hope and compassion
Blinded by illusions of visions
No longer has my heart become warm but cold
Cold and Empty like space
My soul return to reaper for it is only her who loves it as it was made for her
Thank You for freeing me
Thank You for never loving me
Pagan Paul Oct 2017
A shepherd gently tends his flocks,
on the night of the Autumn equinox.
Patiently guarding his wayward sheep,
as the Oak King prepares for sleep.

And the Holly King from slumber wakes,
with solemnity his tired head he shakes.
Then joyous laughter he openly roars,
his half year reign once more restored.

Guiding all Nature to a bed of rest,
to energise, regrow, is his duty quest.
Bringing his peace and tranquility serene,
for the comfort of his bridal Queen.

For She is Nature, there all year long,
loved and celebrated in many a song.
No greater love could She invoke,
her two wild husbands, Holly and Oak.

So Oak pens his warm Summer verse,
and Holly writes of cold Winters' worst.
Her heart draped upon their royal thrones,
bringing joy to this eternal Game of Poems.

© Pagan Paul (03/10/17)
DCgirl Sep 2017
Jonnnn the Targaryen                        
Cute but a wimp                        
His sisters Sansa and Arry                      
Are the Lady and the Chimp                        
His Mom and Dad were King and Queen of the land of Westeros                        
They were killed by Robert Barry
and now Cersei is the bosssss
For those who don't know what this is, please Google the theme song to Dave the Barbarian (cartoon from the 2000s) and sing along!
I sang/messaged this to my friends (IN CAPS) last year when Jon's parentage was confirmed.. felt like sharing it here just because!
Niklaus Sep 2017
let the silence be
the noise
in your early mornings
filled with smoke,
subtle noises from homes,
and dry leaves lying against
the ground.

You hear the howling at a
distance by the wild hounds;
the hands filled with soil,
clothing went ***** by
dust and coal.

A man dies with regrets
and charges
But the faith of everyone
never changes
The foes come forth,
escaping the barriers
towards the north.
A morning of soon
destruction and terror.
Niklaus Sep 2017
Long ago there was
a war between men;
They fought for glory
and gold;

Their swords clashes
like pen;
papers are the people,
ripped and worn out
as what the older ones

I was young when I
learned the world was
made up of soil and

learned that death is
more certain at ten
I saw myself in the
middle of chaos;
none of us know
when will it return
Niklaus Sep 2017
Farewell my dear sister
For I will travel far to the wall
I am lucky to be your brother
Take care of this; stand tall

I hope you love this sword
Name it well, for all good
swords have names,
Cherish this like golden words

When I come back, tell me
all your games
Our journey will be rough
So we need to try and stay
well for each one of us,
Your mind must be quick,
be wise and tough;
I want to see you soon and
fight for all of us.
Niklaus Sep 2017
When the snow falls
When the white winds blow
The lone wolf dies
But the pack survives

The memories of fall
Summer was a paradise of gold
the lions and others came

Killed the loyal wolves
But the others were gone
Into the woods and beneath it all
The remaining ones came
Returned to their home
They protected each other
His army perched above in trees,
Watching the front become a feast,
Who wins, care not, in the least?

"The cawing clan of Koronos..."

The thousands black they view the fight,
Staying late for supper -feeding at night...
Picking tender morsels in illumed moon-light,

"Swarthy minions of King Koronos!"

Corvid follow Man wherever he may go,
Feathery tomes of knowledge their treasure trove,
The messengers in the House of Jove...

"His static barbizon Aves; Koronos!"

There are many kings who come and go,
Becoming part and parcel in a wicked show,
But none of them will ever match the Crow...

"Engrosser of the dead; Koronos!"
Koronos is a king from the pseudo-historical Hercules accounts by Appollodorus and Pausanias. His name means, "Crow," in Greek. With the title this piece contains 96 words and two types of verse; rhyming verse and verse. Adding the metered count by line number you get 6, 7, 7, 8, and 20 or 48 times two types of verse; 96. So the metered count works two ways as the Greek and Hebrew mystics intended. The Greeks doublet'd coronae with the Celtic Kornus. The Greeks may be word-playing off Coronae saying that the King does anything and everything that is seen as good and bad?
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