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Niklaus Oct 2017
When I was only six,
I wanted to see what's behind the school's gates
I wanted to run, play, and eat a huge bag of chips
At those times, I only wanted playmates

When I was thirteen,
I wanted to see what's behind the walls of my classroom
I want to know what it feels like to be a teen,
I wanted to experience kissing an older girl with a fancy perfume

When I was sixteen,
I wanted to go away from a place called "home."
I wanted to find myself in a new place I have never been
At that time, I wished to be more human than an obeying machine

When I was twenty,
I thought I had it all in my palm of my hands
I had her, an apartment, small job; I never felt empty
I thought I figured my purpose, but she suddenly walked away

I said to myself, "I thought had it all,"
But it was not meant to prolong,
I found myself staring at the ceiling and becoming suicidal
I left my family and she left me for another one.

I wish I never left my home,
I wish I have never been this negative
I want to start another life,
Somewhere far from my mistakes
Niklaus Oct 2017
I love you but I doubt it now,
Maybe I was caught up by the feelings
I never understood after I said my vows
I will never forget how we fell in our own demons

I love you but goodbye my lover
Tonight, I will be leaving your side and go back to the moon
Maybe we were not meant for each other
You are the sun; I was not enough for us to carry on

I love you but fate won't let us stay
"It's you. The one who won't let us prolong."
Your words struck me and I have nothing else to say
I don't think this will be a mistake, I thought of it as a favor

I love you but I understand you have to leave me
You calmly said though I know how my words angered you.
My happiness is to the best degree
You assured but I do not understand your laughs in my view

I love you even though you broke your promise
You said as your words break down to the floor into pieces
I picked them up and became modest
But you refused to and swept it, turned them into the other places
Niklaus Oct 2017
I wish being naked with the other's fine without lust
**** those who think being bare is for ***
"Send me nudes." Yeah, send me your inner secrets without disgust
Heroine, we don't need to love through ****** subjects

Let's get into new adventures, maybe we should smoke first?
Lie down against the grass or sand and admire the stars,
"Send me nudes." we say, let's be bare because we're scared of this
I know those ****** words will not save what's ours
Niklaus Oct 2017
Bright lights at night filled my eyes with wanting
Structures with old stories, they told me the past
The doe stood there at the other end, patiently waiting
Once again, I ran towards her; this will be the last.

But the feeling between the city and us,
Makes me worry that you will not love me forever
You held onto me, "hush, my love. Don't make another fuss."
Why do I feel that without you I could never better?

You act nothing whenever you lay with another man
But here I am, waiting for you to come home.
The dinner's raw and your love's gone
If you will feel a little empty, I will love you more.

Just don't leave me under the roof of Barcelona,
I don't want sleep nor listen to their words
Those animals will never understand what we've done.
They will never understand why I fell in love with a *****.
Niklaus Oct 2017
I remember your stare as soon as you saw me
We were at a bar, and I smiled as soon as you did

Aubrey, You are crossing the paths.
In my head, I play a memory of you
I keep on seeing little signs
But I can't catch them, all I get were these aftermaths

You wonks sank deep, and my hand touches your skin,
You took me for a ride and I visualize lips

Aubrey, You are crossing the paths.
In my head, I play a memory of you
I keep on seeing little signs
But I can't catch them, all I get was the aftermath

Whenever I see your face,
I fall in love each time; I got lost in your voice

Aubrey, You are crossing the paths.
In my head, I play a memory of you
I keep on seeing little signs
But I can't catch them, all I get were these aftermaths

At the ocean, we join and dance until we fall
Because anything we ever shared here will soon fade
I sang your voice and my love for your overall
Our feet's buried on the sands and we were afraid

Aubrey, You are crossing the paths,
In my head, I play a memory of you
Only a memory of your laughs
Something I could hold onto
Because none of these will ever stay.
Niklaus Oct 2017
She knew she had been thrown away
By someone who said they wont go anywhere

Her heart is made of gold
Molten by his affection
Forged together, they're better than the old
She thought it was a genuine attraction

The man looking at her
Thinks that she's not enough for him

His heart was steel
Molten by her beauty
Forged together, but this one was not for him
He thought she's filled with stupidity

It wasn't their fault they swam in the Pacific
With different perspectives and feelings
We are never alone, will find the best for us
The ocean's huge, there's nothing to worry about
Maybe the drowning with the wrong one's our greatest fear
Niklaus Oct 2017
The look in your eyes
Brings the melancholic nostalgia of a lover
I was disturbed by the presence, completely mesmerized
It's impossible to begin when knowing you're spoken for another

In a quiet shore, I saw you stroll
Following you as you're contemplating with an aster
You are my favorite, a definite goal
Nothing to really hinders me, even him, they don't matter

The moment when you saw me,
I thought you would despise to look at my face
I know I was not important anymore
But you ran to my arms and cried that night
We were once lovers destroyed by wealth
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