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Öüi Jun 2019
She paused,
Silence quickly defeaned the room
She looked gently into his eyes
Clairvoyant as she was,
She finally said the words,
"Should we just end this?"
Perplexed, he absent-mindedly replied,
"What's wrong? Tell me."
She leaned on his broad shoulders and whispered,
"Nothing's wrong, love.
But nothing's seems right either.
I don't know which is worse. "
Öüi Dec 2018
I can search the whole universe
Or even all alternate reality,
I can travel forward in time or in reverse,
But those are not necessary
Cause I know and I believe
That I will never find someone like you
It may all sound crazy and naive,
But this is how I feel and it's true,
So believe me when I say
That I love you and I want you to stay.
Every day and every night I pray
That I grow old with you, Via Mae
  Nov 2018 Öüi
Reading him is like solving a puzzle where chances of getting lost are much higher than getting it right.
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