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DCgirl Apr 2
“Your flowers are blooming!”

You may think you’re a wildflower
Left to rot
Be eviscerated
But i know your worth
I can show you the world
Of love, and diamonds, and rubies, my love
Tear your heart just to build it back up
This is how you learn
Continuous improvement is the name of the game
Everything shallow you hold has a price to pay
My girls not angry, shes not upset
Shes just looking for a metaphor to channel her emotions into
Something that makes sense
I could dig up the entire graveyard to find bones for you
Your necrophilia would still not cease to be satiated
Seethe, grin, master
Thats the name of the game you are after
I love you, dont you know that
Why cant you see how much you mean to me
Every time you say my name, i feel raw to the bone
The nakedness feels alert, on edge, on spice
But you deal with chicken and rice
Did you get that meal for free?
Im just worried ill be too hung up over you to know what went wrong
What could have gone right, what could have stayed strong
DOMS, that is whats happening right now
But who cares about the love stories of a girl from a gritty old city
One day i will turn to dust, but im a fool to think my words will remain
It doesnt make sense, no, it never will
Why we give our hearts to the ones who will never love us back
DOMS: delayed onset muscle soreness
someday i might refine this poem to mean something more
today is not that day
DCgirl Nov 2020
only you would know
how to read
between the pauses;
understand the pain that hid
behind staring
at the ***** in the
barbed wire -
it too,
was rebelling
against a control fallacy
like the one
mind -
it's difficult to approach someone as vulnerable as you
a simple 'hey' won't suffice
so i don't.
and off you go
to all the barbs
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