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basil Jul 2020
glasses sit atop my nose
but they aren't my prescription

they make the world dance
in places it usually mumbles
and it just makes me crave a smoke
TheKindling Mar 2020

Myself a mime,
Pushing the boundaries of my world.

An extrovert trapped,
In an introverted nightmare.

Escape me O Lord,
From this bitter place.

Free me my white washed walls.

Walk among rows of the sick and the dying

Find each of us in a corner

Silenced screaming sanity unhinged

Scrambling symptomatic soliloquy,

End this madness. Or end me.
A Oct 2019
A rose is sweet
But Rosé is sweeter
Got me a bottle
When the world's a little bitter

Pour me a glass
or 2
or 3
I got nobody,
No place I gotta be

It goes
into the pit

I dig
until I'm buried underneath all my ****



I'm a


Hey Mr. Sun, how are you
Haven't seen you in a month or 2
or 3
or 4
I'm fine, give me more
One bottles' just a bottle until I hit the floor
Breanna evans Jan 2019
raindrops crash across the tin roof

while her mouth issues sweet, soothing music

and the cars pass slowly my ears, at least
kaylene- mary May 2017
You sold me a love that resides in a cage,
confines of guilt that only grow stronger with age
You expect your love and all its intensity to justify your self-righteous jealousy,
as if a sufficiently suffocating love defies all practical incompatibilities

Bless me with a love that is void of steel and chains,
one that let's me grow without restraints
AnolikeAkau Mar 2017
I miss you, I really do
But you obviously don't want to talk to me anymore.
So what's the point?
It hurts, it really does
But I still hope for a "Hey how are you?" Every so often.
Sometimes I miss you so much it physically hurts.
But I don't blame you for not wanting to talk to me anymore.
I just wish you would.
When I get into moods like this and I know it's really all my fault, I really do want to **** myself. But what's the point? You wouldn't reach out if you saw this anyway.
Robyn Jun 2016
If you were here -
I'd be warm. Cool. In between.
Hungry. Full.
Somewhere in between -
Amongst the push and pull.
Tired. Awake.
One or the other -
Stir. Shake.
Shiver. Sweat.
Remember. Forget.
If you were here -
Shiver. Shake.
If be either sleep or
But here I am -
Push, pull
Back, forth

sanch kay Apr 2016
if there is an experiment to determine ways
of permanently doing away
with this everyday weight that is
i volunteer.
take me first.

take me first
before i send myself away.
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