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Kelsie Apr 2021
There is power in the voice
The words that are spoken ever so softly
Finding meaning and purpose is conveyed through her poetry
Her mind full of chaos she just begins writing
Pages and pages start flowing, as the words just keep coming
Her art becomes a confronting and meaningful piece
Shared to others who need help finding connectedness and peace
A talent she holds close to her heart
Feeling greatful she has the ability to share life through all of her poetic art.
Kelsie Aug 2020
Begging for air terrified it was her very last breath
You leant against the door blocking her from running to escape from your control
Your hand so tightly cupped over her mouth no air could get in...or out
Suffocation took hold as you continued to invade her soul  
Selfishly you took what you wanted without any care
You left her numb and empty
Full of pain and suffering she would never forget
Still to this day she works tirelessly to process the trauma that you forced her to accept
You picked a good one because she is a fighter and so **** ******* strong
You took a part of her but her strength still remains deeply engraved in her soul  
Holding her on the days that she feels she can’t go on
Continuously keeping her fighting spirit strong
You left an indent in her soul but you didn’t take her whole
Like a puzzle there is a missing piece
If you look closely you can still see an absolutely breath taking image
Kelsie Jul 2020
Nestled in the lush greenery
Graciously she absorbs nature’s beauty
Moments capture a content and present aura
Flowing freely throughout her body
Sensing the sun glistening over her pale skin
Feeling the breeze sweep through her hair...
Instant chills race down her spine
Reminding her she is in her body
Feeling the sensations encompass her being
Quickly she remembers to go within
Compassion running through her blood,  keeping her heart beating
Surrounded by gratitude when she realises how far she has come
One day at a time she treads lightly, tripping and failing it’s all apart of life’s journey
Remaining aware and present,  she relies on her inner strength
Guiding her along this crazy and wild journey
Always staying stay kind and true
One deep breath in she captures this moment to keep
Knowing she can visit there anytime she needs to check in to her heartbeat
Kelsie Jul 2020
The voices are screaming over one another
Each one desperately trying to be heard
Becoming louder and louder; quickly feeling as if she can’t breathe
Standing dazed and afraid, staring blankly ahead
Unable to get a word in, continuing to stay silent
Listening to the chaos overwhelming her mind
Begging for it to all stop, just so she can take a silent deep breath
Caught in an immense spiral, she feels herself losing complete control
Instantly giving into the demands just to have a moment of peace
Her task is complete as the voices fade out into the distance
Sitting in shame, tears begin to stream down her face
Realising she has fallen into this disastrous place
Greeted by the beast sitting with a pronounced smile on his face
Aiming for an escape, slowly learning this is her learning space
The pain is intense radiating through her weakened soul
As the voices become louder once again, tears pouring, she sits and feels through this incredibly vulnerable place
The internal pain buried deep within her soul, feels like a naked flame burning through her skin
Burning through every layer, travelling deeper and deeper creating a tender wound
She focuses on sending love, healing and protection to the inner wound
Gradually the healing begins
Learning day by day to give herself, love, care and affection just like she deserves
Kelsie Jul 2020
The lid was on so tight itching to see the light
Trapped in a dream the reality sets in
Terrifying memories coming to life
In a replicated scene
Moments capture and consume her as she desperately tries to break free
On the run from the pain she wakes to find it was all just a scary dream
Never the same from that night on
Stronger as takes on the challenge of each one by one

Kelsie Jul 2020
Poetry articulates an image created by experience
Words capture a glimpse of the picture the author is trying to paint
Poetry is a delicate art creating a sense of imaginary beauty
Writers captivate their readers by taking them on a journey through their art

Kelsie Jul 2020
Her safe place is created within her heart
In this place she is greeted with a majestic lion
He captures  her heart and soul
Laying in the sun his mane glistens in the bright light
Loudly purring he invites her over to join
Finding herself resting her head in his paw
Asorbing the warmth of the sun
They both stand tall with peace and calm
Both treading lightly immersed in nature’s beauty
Relaxation sweeps over her, as she moves through the jungle
Looking to her side a slight nod
She slowly comes back to reality
Knowing deep down her lion is within her and she can visit there anytime
Never alone he is always inside..
Holding and bracing her for every internal fight..

Ellie Jul 2018
trapped in a body that isn't hers
running away from darkness
emptiness and void
slowly losing strength
fighting back became pointless
losing hope
losing faith
day by day , disappearing
i was wild once
i ran with wolves
and lived off the land
who was my mother
i ate the wind
and drank the rain
the sun warmed my skin
while the dark taught me fear
by the moon and stars
i found my way
and by the cycles of seasons
i knew my place in the world
unfettered and unbound
i was free as any bird
unconquered and unexplored
untamed by any man
Tori Barnes Jun 2018
10 pm in front of Chipotle
and you said, this is my [rusty] Chevy [something],
which had a radio that played exceptional static
for us to tune out on the trek to Mount Washington.

It was raining, but we had already driven all that way
and so we stood outside anyways
in the low hanging clouds above Pittsburgh.

I said, I’ve never been on a date
         with a girl      before.

And you said, is it everything you thought it’d be?
And with that

we decided to see who could throw a rock the farthest
[which you won]
and who could name more constellations
[which nobody won, because there
were no stars in sight on that Tuesday night].

Then the couple next to us left
and a new one arrived
and the blanket of fog temporarily lifted
to reveal the UPMC logo.

We watched as the number of tiny office lights
diminished, looking a little bit like an end of the world
power outage in slow motion—

and we silently shrunk in the weight of the moment
as the Earth turned and dragged the seconds along,
and the water of the Allegheny and Monongahela
merged into the Ohio the way our bodies connected at the hands;
two posterchildlesbians showing a city
                                 in love.
first date magic, a homage to a tony hoagland poem i once read
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