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Thoughtskeeper Feb 2015
I ******* can't get you out of my mind.
Amber S Jun 2013
I have a white tank, see through,
and I like to wear leopard print bras with it.
(neon ones, pink ones, ones that scream
Je veux faire du pied a toi
‘I want to play footsie with you’
it smells like you, after fifteen washes.
‘I want to make out with you’
it is wrung from where you gripped and spread
‘I want to *******’
it used to fit so well,
but it hangs like a torn shower curtain.
it is hard to breathe with it on,
because I cannot think of anything else except you
the words are frayed,
an ashy blue with speckles of snow white.
such a cool shirt, I used to think.
but you bit through it, with wolf fangs,
bit through until you punctured my skin,
drained me until I was nothing but a sac of helpless

It has French on it,
(so ******* witty)




TreadingWater Jun 2016
Oh* howIfucking hate <loving> you
& how too u try to placate  _ YoU;
wear your passion // darling
own.  your. wants.
you _ are _ so _ much _  prettier
   with.    them.         on.

— The End —