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Jessica Duru Aug 2020
I'm a shooting star
Shining above all stars
In the sky

I'm like a blazing sun
Burning aglow
And lighting all path

We walk the earth
We rule the streets
The sun and the stars
Shining up above

And as we go
The warm breeze blows
Kissing our faces
As we smile
All day and night;
All day and night
Making memories that will last forever....

Blazing Emotions
This poem is centered more on this sad little girl who gets override by her emotions, and in a bid to make herself happy again, compares herself to the sky's blazing sun and stars, hoping she'd wear such a pleasant smile on her face, just like everyoneelse, and bring forth amazing memories that'll never be forgotten....
Paige Feb 2017
He spoke his words
Out came the truth
They felt like swords
Shattering the eternal youth
I guess it is time to let things go
For my time it ticking away
I am tired of putting up a heartless show
The words I thought will never come out to say

— The End —