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Paige Nov 2017
Our love was like a rose
At first it was lovingly cared for and vibrant
But over time we both began to neglect it
It began to wilt
Our hatred caused it to wilt
And once it started to die there was no going back
It could not be renewed
Just like our love
Though the rose was still vibrant in color
And still smelled sweet
You could see how fragile it had became
As if at any moment it would break and fall apart
Like any kind of neglect would cause the petals to crumble
But although this rose-our love was nearly dead
We continued on as if everything was okay
Because we was so used to seeing the beauty
We refused to agonize the ugliness it now possessed
Are you caring for your love?....
Paige Sep 2017
Listen up
This goes out to all of you
I just wanna bring up the things that I've been through
First off I am multi cultural
Meaning that I am part of many things, but I don't belong at all
Secondly. I'm a Female.
How about you sit and listen to what it entails....
A young girl, driven by dreams
Only to be brought down by men with low esteem
But hey, what can I do?
What i'm saying is that if I don't give in than it's an issue
Oh no! Did I just say something wrong?
How about I change the subject, so that I don't prolong
Anyways, what was I saying?
Let's talk about the anger and hate people are displaying
Wait, is that too much for you to handle
Maybe I should stop before the president declares this a 'scandal'
Whoops. There I go again
I know that ya'll are waiting for this **** to end
But hey, it can't. Because this is the truth
And I'm sorry that you heard it, from a troubled youth.
Just a little rant.
Feel free to give me your opinion on the stuff that I brought up!
Paige Jun 2017
She slept with the stars and danced with the moon
Paige May 2017
It *****.
to have a crush on someone.
And you know that you can't have him or her.
But you still have the butterflies when you hear their name.
And you look at them whenever you can hoping to see them looking too.
Yet you know that they will never feel the same way as you.
But as you look at that person you just know.
Maybe that's why it's a crush.
Yeah it *****.
A lot.
It doesn't matter how old you are
We all have a crush
I know that I do
who is your crush?
Paige May 2017
Good or Bad?
What am I?
I'm not good.
I am bad.
I  destroy.
I destroy peace.
I create.
I create Chaos.
Do I?
Do I dare think that I might find someone that won't fix me
But instead will destroy with me?
That together we will create beautiful chaos
I hope.
I wish.
Can that happen?
To me?
A creator.
A destroyer.
is that what I am?
Tell me.
Is that Good or Bad?
Paige Apr 2017
Hey there future me
I hope you are doing great
Right now I can't see
My future as of late
Have you gotten stronger
Or realised you're perfect
Don't let your feelings wonder
Just know that you are worth it
Have you found love
Are you happy now
You are blessing from above
Paige Apr 2017
To be a girl it means that you are frail, right?
That can’t possibly understand a thing
To be a girl it means you stay up day and night
Trying to get that big, shiny ring

But that’s not true, for a majority that is
We have a secret passed down from mother to daughter
The secret is that we pretend to be his
But our hearts belong to one and another

At age 6 being a girl meant you liked pink and played with dolls
But that changed
At age 8 being a girl meant you liked skirts, dresses, bows
That changed too
At age 10 being a girl meant that you were expected to have a crush & kiss him
If you didn’t, you were an outcast
At age 12 your interest in education was to diminish
By age 14 you realized that when a boy slapped your ***, you enjoyed it
And if you didn’t you were a lesbian
Ages 12-18 we as girls are told to not show shoulders, knees or skin of any kind because it might distract the boys
I never heard the guys being told to dress a certain way. Have you?
No? I didn’t think so because it might ruin their ego…

Being a girl means that you are blessed with self hate
It’s automatic and hard to lose
There is always an imperfection…

Being a girl means that even when it’s hot, you wear jeans and a baggy tee
So that you don’t have to deal with wondering eyes
Being a girl means that you must look your best ALWAYS or else you’re trash
But not too good or else you’re a **** looking for a good time

Being a girl means that you grow to hate yourself so much that you can’t even look at yourself
Unless you are in public, then you have to act vain

Being a girl means that you have to listen to guys calling you fake because you hate a girl but you’re friends with her the next day
What those guys don’t know is that she saved you from a situation that could’ve made you lose what little dignity you have left

Being a girl means that when you see a grown man starring at a baby… take that baby’s spot
If that means you have to be his princess, babygirl, WHATEVER, for the night
And when you are called a *****, **** the next day, just remember that you helped that child

Being a girl means that when you’re a mother and your little girl asks you why the boys at the school rate the girls on a scale of 1-10 you have to look at her with the same look your mother gave you and tell her,
That being a girl means that you have to be smart, that you have to work 2-3 jobs just to make the same as a guy with 1 job
      It’s not fair, but that is how it is.  

You have to hug your baby girl when she comes home and tells you that her teacher yelled at her for wearing a tanktop or when a boy touches her even when she told him to stop
To be be a girl means that your are strong
To be a girl means that you are resilient

To be a girl means that you have a secret that is passed down from mother to daughter
And that secret is **Unity
I remember things like this happening to some of the strongest women I know...
I wish that I could also do it from a guy's p.o.v but I really can't relate to that
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