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ZT Jun 2015
walang FOREVER
At kung ano-ano pang pag-eemote mo jan
At kung ano-ano pang ka cheezyhan niyo jan

Basta ako,
Hindi ko kailangan ng forever para maging masaya
Ang kailangan ko ay isang moment
Ang “moment”

Ang kasalukuyan.
Ika nga living in the moment.
Wala na akong **** sa future at sa forever.
Ang mahalaga e ang ngayon.
Today that is a gift, which we call a present.
The present
Ang present na present ang “ikaw at ako”.
Ang moment na masaya ako sa piling mo.

Ang forever wala yan,
Talo yan ng moment
Kasi ang forever,
nakadepende lang yan sa kung paano mo pahalagahan ang ngayon
Kung papaano mo trinetreasure ang binigay sa’yo na present
Aanhin mo ang forever kung wala na ang moment?

Kasi masyado kang nagplano at nagplano para sa future
Masyado **** inenvest ang time mo para sa future

Nagplano at nagplano ka nga para sa forever nyo
Naka invest kanga para sa forever nyo
Nakalimutan **** gawin at ipatupad ang plano
Hindi ka na nakapaginvest sa ngayon, sa present, sa moment

Hayan tuloy may forever ka nga, pero forever na wala na siya
Kasi napabayaan mo na siya, kaya pumunta siya sa iba
Kasi ang kailangan din niya ay hindi ang forever
Kundi ang moment na hindi  mo naibigay dahil sa forever

Kaya ako, solve na ako sa moment
Ang time ko dito naka invest
Ang pag-ibig kasi wala yan sa future
My love is here, in the present
Naginvest na ako sa moment natin
At kung aalagaan lang natin ng mabuti ang moment
Balang araw ang moment ay magiging forever
wag sana tayong masyadog mahumaling sa concept ng forever, alalahanin natin na mas importante ang ngayon.
Äŧül Feb 2015
My jigsaw is definitely incomplete,
Not spiritually anymore but physically,
This very jigsaw of my life I talk about,
You were a citizen of the heavens,
Thanks for condescending in my life,
And I will be happy to complete yours,
We just have to wait for few more years.

My happiness you are - know it,
Never let me find you gone even virtually,
This jigsaw will always be unsolved,
Your clear voice is of the heavens,
Thanks for accepting to be my wife,
An angel you have come but I am a vermin,
We marry when I succeed and the dust clears.
My HP Poem #769
©Atul Kaushal
Gavin Barnard Oct 2014
An abandoned insane asylum
Built in the forgotten Elysium  
Miles from any civilization.
Stale air and contamination
Fills its empty coliseums.

Each room with a nightmare,
Visitors compelled to stare.
A melancholy state of mind
Rests there all the time.
Bound forever to its glare.

I am stuck here for eternity.
There is no escape for my entity.
The outside looks so beautiful,
Oh, how much I miss you.
This alone is a nightmare, it cannot be.

I'm calling out from the highest floor,
Up here, my starved body is dirt poor.
Nobody wants me, trash of society.
My crying can't catch even a disease.
I'm stuck within my nightmare

I open a door to see what lies behind.
I see me, a monster in disguise.
I sit and cry the day away,
Wishing I wasn't here to stay.
This insanity will (make me) claw out my eyes.
Dhaye Margaux Oct 2014
"Give me your hand," I asked her
So she gave her hand to me
I handled it with care and love
As I put the band to my wife-to- be

"Lend me your ears," I told her
So she stopped saying a word
She listened carefully to what I say
She never showed she's tired or bored

For hours she leaned on my shoulder
While we talk about our fate
She pressed my nose and said "I love you"
Oh, with her, I enjoyed the date

"Give me your heart," she said to me
"Oh, sorry, I can't give a heart
For you're already holding it for a year
It's already yours from the start."

"Then give me your name," she said to me
But I smiled and teased her more
"I won't give it to you without a seal
So it will be yours forevermore!"
From a man's POV...
Sana Sep 2014
May you dream of me tonight
And may I do the same
May you hear all my little secrets
And may I know all yours
May you sit by my side
And may I remain silent some time
May we forget language for a while
May we speak of no names or numbers
May we mention no person besides ourselves
May we only speak of childlish dreameries
And crazy foolish thoughts
Of everything that we are
And nothing that we are not
May we spend the night dreaming simple
As our hairs get tangled to the grass
Where cute little insects will build their realm
As we look up to a starry sky
On top of a mountain that will make us forget
Who we are
As a midnight breeze kisses us to sleep
As we lay side by side
This night in Forevermore
May we?
mark john junor Aug 2014
sitting here in the late summer daylight
watching her tending to the line
see all her strength and beauty
know her complexity's and her easy smiles
know the girl kicking off her jeans backseat in the cool night
know the woman standing here by her man
everything iv ever wanted
no half lies

and i gather her up in my arms
gather up our wondrous dreamin
and we weave us a blanket of sun and stars
wrap it round us like a hearts lovin arms
we walk it on down by the old cathedral
sit hand in hand on the steps of forevermore
kissing our hellos and smile to eachother
no one will tread on our sacred stones
no one can stop the sweet love that shines in us
no half lies

my dreadlock honey asks me
to speak to all of you
weave you a poem
tell you the tale
how we had been two very lost souls
crashed into eachother in deepest dark places
of the world
saved eachothers lives
ran for the border and survived
now madly in love
no half lies
into the forevermore
Mitul Yadav Apr 2014
I lie awake in the bed
Awaiting a dormant state, a state so elusive so far,
In the cold black room I lay
As expectant eyes burn and water at the witching hour.

I feel something in the gut.
I try to remember people, happy faces, in hopes to sedate.
But something is horribly wrong,
For eerie moonlight does enter the window, but does not illuminate.

The scathing silence gives way
To the horrid sounds of unearthed graves.
The hollow feeling gives way
For doors to open of where death is only a slave.

I am not alone in the room now,
For I feel a presence so vile,
Personification of decay with a blackening aura
Itself smiled a black toothed smile.

I clench with sweaty fingers, my sheets,
My mind conflicted between terror and utter denial.
Every day, I only watch helplessly
As my own mind devours its sanity.

— The End —