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MaryJane Doe Aug 2018
Withdrawal thy toe
From the deep end an see
Just how much
You've abandoned me

Thy hours are eternity
Without a drop to drink
Quite a lonely life for me
Watching dead men sink

A shame
Our love
Is not enough
To withdrawal
These Dependencies

A conflict in progression
My apologies
Done with regression
In harmfull times as these
Feeling worthless
And worth less
Than a drop of vile drink
Just had to get some stress from my chest. I'm missing my father more than ever these days. As my life has become a sad re-run of the past.
MaryJane Doe Oct 2016
  Are star dust
   And I
The bliss
Of this
Of energy
To survive
We are blessed
At best
To be alive
Are star dust
And I
The bliss
Of this

I'm ever greatful
& Oh so thankful
That you
And I'd collide
Thank You ❤
MaryJane Doe Mar 2016
I ask not
For your hand
In marriage
I long
For so much
Wont you see
These hands
As ours
In life
MaryJane Doe Mar 2016
They say
  "A stitch in time
      Can tend to save you nine"
But it seems
   These seams
I tend
  To mend
      Have cost me
All of mine

Caught in the fold
   Just between the lines
         Where seams
Are more than seems
   And dreams
Are hung to dry
  The fabric of time
Just matter on the line
MaryJane Doe Mar 2016
I'd walk in your shoes...
but you wont even tie em
just sitting there cryin'
not even tryin'
I'm not underminin'
nor am I denyin'
your shoes
are worn to the soul
I can see you
threw every hole
and I thought
you might like to know...
it matters not
that your shoe has a rip
its the laces that tend
to make us trip
so before you ask me
to walk in your shoes
wont you tie em up tight
its the least you could do
MaryJane Doe Feb 2016
Nothing makes ever after
           Sound quite as hopeful
As your children's sweet laughter
MaryJane Doe Feb 2016
A boulder on your shoulder/
A pebble in your shoe
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