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  Jun 2019 Trelon Grant
Is there love for another?
Much like this?
One's that unconditional,
One so free...
That skeptical eyes would miss.

The beauty in such a commitment,
can't be quantified in greens or gold.
Unbound by petty materialism...
That jingles and folds.

It's invaluable...
Only to the ones who would see
and acknowledge it.
It's coveted only by those
who fearlessly dare
to embrace it.


Strive for unconditional love.
For it is the greatest gift,
anyone could receive
and bestow.
For it will be the sun
that fires
the beats in your heart.
For it is the abundant glow
From the moon's
limitless flow.
Trelon Grant May 2019

waste your time on
Chasing familiar silence
is like drowning in oxygen.
Move on.
and with growth you will learn
of rather they were there to
Love you or
Use you.
At your worst -
you will quickly learn
who sits at the table;
do not be afraid to excuse them.

loss is an attribute of growth & possibly one of the hardest lessons.
Trelon Grant Apr 2019
with the rain comes realization
and with realization comes change
the clouds beckon the lamentation
the lightning beckons the thunder
the tornado extirpates the innocent
but especially the blind
to their actions
their effects
their afflictions
even with the sun
eyes remain closed
ears deaf
spirit unwilling
to move
you’re comfortable
on your tower of contenting
But I am the foundation
The brick
the steel
the glue
and I am about to move
Lack of assertiveness in life and people will walk all over you - but I’ve had enough.
Trelon Grant Apr 2019
The Hurting, - they say some things are worst than death and this is one of them.

Sometimes, in instances of grueling
I think
of being
with the                 clouds

you made
that decision
you’d have
no idea
How much it
hurts.. where
Was your              judgement
*** this hurts
More than anything.
I’m sorry, you had to
go that way.
The clouds lament
your passing on
clear, sunny days.
They overshadow the
very demon you
tried to escape from.
I’ve made a promise
To live for you.
To show you
that it didn’t have
To be this way.

You’re gone forever.
Lost within the fabrics of time
I’ll carry you as a lantern -
inside of me
till the end of the days.

I hope you finally can rest.
For once.
                                      Bao Bao
We miss you already.

Bao Bao - 2000-2018
Suicide........... I want to rip the word from the fabric of time, set it aflame. Erase it from the memories if anyone contemplating it. I know it hurts... but pain is temporary, even when it feels like it’s not. Please, talk to me, talk to anyone. Your life isn’t worth it. And trust me, it hurts the people who love you and there are those that do LOVE YOU even if you don’t believe it. Please don’t. You’re so important. You are.
Trelon Grant Apr 2019
Embodying love
In a world of hate
From a family of love-hate
to a people who are bred for love and still hate
Is incredibly tiring
And yet,
With blackened eyes
I will still continue to love
I will never truly know
how much I am needed
by someone who is dangling
over the same edge
that I once fell over.
Choose love with your heart
and with your mind.
You never know.
Trelon Grant Apr 2019
For the ones that have ached; listen to me.

Know that you are loved.
Know that you are forgiven.
Know that no one is perfect.
Know that mistakes are okay.
Know that losing people is a part of life.
Know that you can make it.
Know that it was all for a reason.
Know that you have someone.
Know that God is good.
Know that regrets are normal.
Know that it will get better.
Know that you will overcome this.
Know that you don’t need to live to please another.
Know that you are love itself.
Know that you are you, and that is okay.

Hang in there,

I’ve been there.
Most have as well.
It’ll be alright.
It’ll be okay.
You’ll be okay.
And I’ll be here for you.

IV Winds: A diagnosis of love - R.E.V/ Tre’lon Grant ©️
Let’s begin the poetry book. A road from hurting to healing, a diagnosis of love.
  Apr 2019 Trelon Grant
Dear friend ,
You're fading away,
Bit by bit.
I see you lose pieces of yourself,
I see you shift boundaries,
And bend rules,
All I seem to be doing is holding you back.
You lose your temper at me.
Tell me you don't need me anymore.
And that's okay.
All good things come to an end.
Change is beautiful
Even if it means I'll lose you.
So I'll let go.
Wish you the best.
And whisper goodbye.
Ever had a friend grow slowly distant?
Ever stop and wonder what you did wrong?
Or what you didn't do?
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