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ohellobeautiful Jul 2018
i melted off of you
like crystal clear water
as the snow changes form
you were the mountain i depended on
i had found home in your rubble
justified all of your cracks
when all along i knew
it wasn't me who
was falling
it was you

back then i was blind
but i thought i could see
how beautiful you + me could be
when my light peaked through
those broken parts in you

i guess that's what healers do
we attract the broken ones
knowing there is room to fill
but i have got to stop
and remember that no one
can understand my warmth
when they've only ever lived
in the cold corners of
my hopeful heart
when they only
loved me as
i looked

but that's
not romantic
it just left me frantic
yet all of that darkness
has made me a
Johan Nel Jul 2018
Sometimes we delve into the meaningless pursual of truth
in things that do not seem to fit the frame of reality.
It is in the menial baseless unquantifiable nature of irony.
The unintentional joke of a system unknown to itself.
But oh, yes, we salute to it and honour it,
as if it presented itself to us to recognise and somehow tear apart.
Somehow I think that either we are not there yet or the culmination
is beyond any conceivable thought of the still primal human existence.
In a sphere, so chaotic, where do we begin to rebuild a shattered atom cup?
© 2018.07.03 Johan Nel
The next human life.
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
you are galaxies
with cosmic reason
sewn into the corners
of your soul
let time be an illusion
and this heaviness
not yours to hold

you are not broken
you are e v e r y t h i n g
all your dreams encrypt your genes
all you seek is already within you—
the journey, the destination, the stars,
the Love, the moon, me, God,
all you hope to ever be,
your lovers eyes, the lies they speak,
roads you wander, Love you leak,
every mountain trail you lead—
all other versions of you (and me)

don’t you see?
the Miracle you are?
you've come so far
from way past mars
and the Light
that guides you
hOMes your heart
A Simillacrum Jun 2018
There are poor neighborhoods
that are tucked into towns,
where the less educated,
where the lesser of means,
find in the dregs, the ability
to coexist with higher society.

Society is grown to the point of disease,
killing the feeble, disabling the lost,
in the name of and for some ease.
So here comes the city, meaning so well.
They said, "Let's add a train line
to a town that has none!"

Well, there goes the block.
There go the people who
barely have homes.

The Council wants to drop a line
where they see shoes bounce power lines.
What's the harm in displacing
the part of the community already dead?
The town now seems to be just fine
now that the poor are paying fines.
Why not double down and just
gentrify when history tells the story best?

Expand Portland, rid Tigard of blemish,
trade your rug for cement and track.
Beautify Tigard, please your ill desire,
don't be surprised when your eyesore
comes back.

Go ahead, pave your poverty.
Go ahead, clean your streets.
You're thinking, "Lines for dimes."
What do you think a new line means?
What do you think the traffic brings?
The sweet guillotine repeats.
Pauper of Prose Jun 2018
All was peaceful in the young realm
Just and Un-just had finished erecting their epic statues
The tree of Taste had begun to bear fruit in the royal courtyard
And youthful bliss ruled over the realm,
With jewels of jubilance, adorning its crown
But from the ghetto’s rose passion and puberty
Together conspiring to rouse the masses, their words infecting,
Each sector of emotion and thought
Eventually swarming the grand palace with its paltry guards
The twin rebels lead a crazed crowd that crashed through gates
And toppled the two statues, burned the tree of taste
Finally poor, pitiful, youthful bliss was dragged from their throne
The crown jewels of jubilance replaced by emeralds of angst
And now Puberty and Passion ruled
Under new banners of maturity
A H Butler Mar 2018
An expanded meaning,
referring variously to literal bodies and to
the vegetative nervous system which controls vital functions.

She has been made a constellation
and is destined to outlast the contestants.
The germs develop first in seven segments,
some people may actually fall from their beds.

When I was casting
in these works the term took on
suggestion of how one might view the work,
gestures but also the placement and movement.

It might have been a drag queen –
Some well-formed whole constructed from
something in you that is no longer functioning.

When you dream about an accidental death
of any person,
that person’s death symbolizes Macrophobia.
© A H Butler

Second attempt at using the cut-up technique to compose.
Karmen Feb 2018
I think life’s pretty fucken neat
I wish you could think the same,
See the reason I don’t believe in a thing as hate
Life is faint but it ain’t
Faint is life but it ain’t
Betweeens (((-except when it is is & when it ain’t it just ain’t
You know what I’m sayin’n
Or shall I try to explain it a bit more
Some more words;personal experiences to which relate in at a variety of ways expressing it to each in your own unique way for the other own mind which doesn’t perceive things the same , hardly close to even just alike
I hope you feel me and the words I’m tryna say with the words I’m speaking in paused uttering words
We all have one way to millions of ways
And millions way to just one way
Why hate but not appreciate
Appreciate but not hate
It ain’t so complicate except when it is
Just fall in love with that
Express it your unique way
Try to relate and express the reason it is
Expressing the way you see it, tryna explain and find a means to the others knowledge understanding, expressing what how it seem
Wait, tf I say right there
Tf do I even mean
I’m not even sure it makes sense
To others or even just myself
I don’t even really care anymore
Bout what I was tryna say or tryna remember what it I was I was tryna make relate
It’ll come together later
Or maybe it ain’t till 68years later , in outerpace, between the lines of two lines of five
Lol jk but you see what I mean
Lots of  things to many things, yes it’s a continuous gather and retrieve  help achieve  better although exhausting in real time the appreciation could be felt at all in all while. While not at all ya know lol **** I can’t get it out right yet but yeah
ohellobeautiful Jan 2018
never apologize for the way
on your darkest of days
you may enter a phase
that feels a lot like
you are an interstellar being
these broken parts of you
are star-glowing matter
the pieces have a path
they’ll always
and when they do... their
new density will display
an even greater array
of the Light
That is
embrace your fragility
it holds your Power
to  t r a n s f o r m
..the same divine
ability is how a
nebula is
Mallory Sep 2017
I want to cultivate my being so bad,
Exponentially expand.
I want to maintain this cultivation,
And refrain from all the circumstances that make me sad.
I want to stand taller than anyone else thinks I can.
My resilience is infinite,
A uniqueness,
Like the swirls in your fingerprints and all the grains of sand.
My sadness is a part of me,
I don't owe an explanation,
When I need to be.
And when they don't understand,
I will know no one can, like I can.
No one will embrace my heart,
With tender hands, Like I can.
I am my own, standing loud,
barely breathing a word.
I am my own, and any defeat I face
is not my death; but my birth.
Elysian Dreams Jul 2017
"Let me break my dear", it gently whispered

"Let me shatter into a million pieces
Do not seek to seal me together
But instead, tenderly caress my cracks

Explore the hidden depths beneath my surface
Don't be afraid of my darkness
For light cannot be seen otherwise
Come closer, for you can touch me, you can touch you, touch pure love.

Each crack is me. Each broken piece is me
You will find a new heart in my broken-ness
For I only break open when I am expanding
And I only expand when you break open"
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