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Jamesb Aug 2020
Sometimes words are weapons
Add an s or a certain order and
They will cut to the bone,
Eviscerate a  bowel,
Destroy a dream,
End a life,
Break a lovelorn heart

Other times sans s fronted
They caress a weary cheek,
Lift up a tired soul
And reassure a faltered
Dream that its time
Too will come to
Faultless fruition

We speak thousands of words
Every day of our lives
Without thought,
And spoken they come
With added edges and jagged spurs
Of intonation, tone,

Or with balm for healing,
Warmth for the cold
Respite for the bewildered
Mind and soul
Lifting up repairing all
And making good
On harm

But beware the poem
Most of all! for it
Is a fearsome trap
For the unready author
Who writhes upon the created flow
Struck from their own verse
Read well by another,

For poems tell our truth
Warts and all,
And like singing lay us bare
To critic judge and common herd,
Who hear, absorb
And find us whole and
Nowhere left to hide,

We are forced to face
Reaction to our souls and hearts
Captured upon a pen's point,
Pinned to a board or a page
And read aloud
Where all can see

And what do you hear?
What do you see?
My God you see
The real and naked,,
The one and only,
Reflecting a shared moment (which lasted an age) with  another poet here when I sent more than I realised and they heard their own read with passion and truth.

Not so much bruising as a unique exposure to someone who knows me  and I them, rather better than we either may have intended. I wonder if this resonates with anyone else here?
SA Szumloz Aug 2020
One spot in the gut
Quivering below the knife
Stabbing and slicing.

Stomach aches are the worst.
Shady Teddy Sep 2018
Pain is a natural warning
That its dangerous
And one should keep off
It makes the best memories
Especially after a burn
A new wound
They say love is a pain
But sometimes its recurrent
Such famous salt on wound
Only happens if we care
And cant stay away from
Thats when i realize who you are
My daily dose of pain
Gabriel burnS Jul 2018
I felt it crumbling
I felt it falling with the rain
The invisible
I felt it falling
Bits and pieces
Shreds and ribbons
The clothing of my wings
As God unpacked the wraps with haste
Like a restless child
Tearing down the gift
Together with the wrapping

I felt it falling
Scorching on the skin
Of frail reveries
Soaking wet I felt the taste
Of gasoline
And drowned the rain
Into my eyelids
Anggita Apr 2018
Love is deceiving: that it can put you into a chaotic hurricane of misfortune yet you will keep being so blindly lucky.

Love is manipulating: that sometimes it becomes an ultimate tool for a person to politically dominates you. It mops your own self-authority.

You'll eventually become controlled. You'll be owned, you'll be toyed, that the presence of yourself means nothing more than just a belonging brought along.

Love is voracious: that it always makes you so greedy for affection, and craving more than just attention.

As the things don't go straight forward with your wish, and you don't get what you hardly need, you'll be left suffocated. You'll gamble your very lack of happiness only to be evaporated.

Love is lonesome: that every night, it will let you so sleepless, envisioning to a constant uncertainty which frustrates you to the utmost.

There will always be a constant battle in your mind that will dig the hollow so deep beyond the control. You'll soon use to the clattering cries and more simultaneous tears evoked.

But the good thing, it will sharp your melancholic soul elegantly: so exquisite that you'll paint your feelings in a train full of letters.

You'll possess the ability to bewitch gibberish into an excruciating enchantment for the woeful lovers. Those are the one whose joy are scattered to a blow of ashes.

- April, 24 2018, 02:23 AM.
love is suicidal after all.
butterfly Apr 2017
.This Excruciating Pain With Needles AND Thorns........!........
      ..........!..........IS Pinning IN MY Head.......!.........

          .............!................­AND Dragging ME .......!........TO......!.....

                  ..!............... Hell............!.........


                  .....Scream out my lungs  in silence......

                    But give me back my Smile...
                    Put it on my face...
                    When I'm asleep....
Nameless Oct 2015
I remember getting THAT call... every second.
I remember the STING of the cold air, against my skin.
The JAGGED stains of dirt on my jeans
When I FELL to the solid ground.
...Like I was just STABBED.
Dirt COVERED my hands, that could be mistaken for blood.

I could HEAR the sound... of my heart shattering.
An EXCRUCIATING wave of pain.
I couldn't BREATH.
Choking out tears & Stifled SOBS, until I was nothing.
But, a SMALL mess on the cold ground.

My eyes flicker OPEN,
"Did I JUST die? Am I dead?"
I FELT dead, and empty.
I feel an AWFUL numbness, take over MY body.
I look AT the sky, through scattered tree limbs.
Specks of WHITE fall on me.
My hot face stings WITH every speck.
...with EVERY newly made snowflake
I now see MY breath in front of me.
Staring at the SNOW as it falls.

I am nothing but a SHELL,
I am NOTHING without her.
I live FOR her.
So... HOW do I learn to, live without.
I wish for DEATH.
But, I get CONSTANT waves of numb and empty pain instead.

I hate HER and I can't stand her.
...But I NEED her.
So, NO matter how much she hurts me.
I'd APOLOGIZE for it, and she's killed me so many times.
That if she got MY blood on HER hands, I'd clean them.

I just CAN'T un-love her.
If she murdered me.
The knife in my back, me falling to the ground.
I'd cry.
But, my last words would be...

I'm sorry, I'm SO sorry.

I'd say to her, "It'd okay, I still love you>"
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
Your love is like a still birth, so much hope, with so much disappointment and despair. When you see what it really is, something beautiful destroyed, You will never get the memory from your mind.Something you will always remember. Something you can still see the potential in, but the thought just bring sorrow. such excruciating pain  you can not help to replay in your head. No ambivalence, Prolific strain on your existence. wishing you still had, and yet hoping it never existed
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