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Hannah Dec 2018
Do you watch for shooting stars
Hope they'll grant your very wish

Do you throw pennies in the fountain
Wishing for your desires

What about dreaming on 11:11
Desiring good to come in life

Would you deem me odd
For not talking to the air
Asking for it to change me
Hannah Jun 2018
It used to rain when I looked out your car window
you'd tell me it's obvious
The raindrops stain the pane
No real reason
Just started pouring
You grew tired of the sound
Listening to it patter on your car
Told me we'd stop and go somewhere
And you left me there
Soaking in the water
To figure it out

And I did
When I look out the car window
I don't see rain
I don't even hear it
All I see is a field
Lushes and green
As bright as the sun
There aren't drops anywhere
Just smiles and laughter
And I don't see you
Hannah Sep 2017
Follow me down the path
Of **** suicide
**** is redundant
But some will call it beauty

How is their beauty in ending your life
Rope burns around your neck
Or ****** slit wrists
Cut the point that only mattered

Where's the beauty of a cold body
Limp on the floor
Found pale and alone
The only way to show how they felt

Suicide is a solution for some
The only way to leave the nasty voices
Haunting their mind
Hannah Sep 2017
How'd you figure out I was a *****?
You couldn't have simply opened the door.
I've scrubbed my insides clean,
And buried every scene.
Yet, you discovered the spot
In my deep plot,
And made me no more.
  Jul 2017 Hannah
Hannah Adair
Circle back to me.
Check in, check out-
I guess-
we’re ok today.

My heart and mind know
what I am waiting for, but
something is missing.

We’re on separate
pages, and maybe even
on separate books.

You want to love me;
To build, to grow, to learn, and
all the things between.

But I’m in peril.
Floating between right and wrong.
The good and evil.

And I’m not sure that,
the girl you fell in love with
exists anymore.
Hannah Jul 2017
I was happily in love
Soaking in your smile through a window
I couldn't imagine being in a happier place
But I tend to ask the questions I know I'll hate the answer to
And right away I did and then the glass broke in to shards
I was bleeding out but you told me it'd be alright
Maybe there'd be a way to clean up the mess
And so I hid my wounds

The second time was painful
We had our differences
And that really stuck a wall in between us
You killed me on the phone
Told me it's not you but it's me
I don't understand the bi community
How is it possible to enjoy anything
When I'm stuck in this --
But before you could breathe your last word
You realized what you had said
Took it all back and we cried together
It was magical and it kept my hope going
Clouded my mind and forced me to forget the horrid things I just heard

The third time was my fault
I was in pain from our lack of lust
No communication was happening and i was losing trust
So I called on the phone
And you were alone
Talked of my fears
It had me in tears
You said what I thought
And it was getting really hot
We hung up cuz you had class
And I fell on my ***
Later I rang in the closet
And my eyes were a faucet
You made a surprise visit
And that was it
My heart leapt
And it you kept

The last time was painful
Not only did we meet but it was unexpected
This time there was no phone to shield you
No speaker to talk through
You looked me in my eyes
Pointed a gun at my heart
But caressed my face
Told me it'd be okay
Then pulled the trigger
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