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Hannah May 16
You told me
About the time you tripped
You fell so hard
That when you got back up
You were never the same
Hannah May 10
I've thought about it for some time now
And it isn't your fault
Or anyone in particular

This is all mine
I could never find happiness in myself
A typical sad story
Of a girl who died

It's difficult for me to write this
Only because I know you'll cry
I was hoping my tears were enough
Enough to take place of yours

But now I know that isn't possible
I hope that when you mourn
You don't think of the bad
Fill your mind with more

I want you to remember my smile
How you always saw me wearing it
Please, forget the thing
That stained my face

You were the only one in this world
To bring me a sense of comfort
I know I drove you crazy
I could be unbearably clingy

There is no doubt my suffering
Also fueled yours
I apologize for that
It was a terrible habit to cry

There is a memory
I hope it floats in your mind
On days you don't feel sane
After I'm gone
Hannah May 10
Flower blooming on the hill top

How do you feel
When you drink from the rain
Is it as refreshing as it seems?
When you bask in the sun
Is it as wonderful as you look?
When feet topple over you
Is it pain you can endure?
When you're left to crumble
Is it hopelessness that you feel?

When this is your life
Is this the only way you know?
Hannah Apr 27
I fell asleep
Because I realized no one cares

It is seeping from the walls
I chose to ignore the sign
It clearly said
I walked through the door
In hopes it was wrong

But now I feel nothing
Other than that
Hannah Apr 13
You told me you loved me
I never felt more happy
Our smiles gave light to the world
Feeding your garden

Then when I opened my eyes
I could only see your silhouette
Stomping on my flowers
Away from a dream

That I wasn't sure who belonged to anymore
Hannah Apr 5
You lay awake
Head on the pillow
Feeling anything but mellow
Where do you go
When you’re all alone

Thoughts pouring down
Patter harshly on your brain
Asking why you have to be
The person that they see
Hannah Mar 28
It's nice to have that security
But what happens when it slips
That one person who loves you
Pulls away
No longer showered by their affection

Then what do you do?
Because I'm not loving you anymore
Not the way you expect me to
I'm leaving that fantasy behind
No longer bound by your sympathy
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