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Johnny walker Feb 23
There were times In my life when It just passed
me by seemed all my
of youth disappeared I never got the chance to
live the days of my
There was space between
a being a teenager to middle age that's completely missing disappeared behind locked doors drawn curtains never allowing sunlight
Staying In never going out
sleeping away daylight hours came to live briefly after dark laid awake with the other creatures of the night
When everybody slept knowing I could never sleep at night only daylight hours like a vampire's existence afraid of
This poem Is about the devastating effect depression on one life I lost most of mine
because of It
Poetic T Feb 17
We all have questions of our motivations          
              and endeavours of life's
cause and effect.

Then we realise,
   life is a challenge of moments.
      And how we play the game  
                                of our finite continuing...

Do we give up?

                             Or do we collect our strength.
      Showing all that where stronger
                        than a question mark..

That falls at every ending to a query?
           But why must we be hooked by this.
                       Now answering it before
  we need to even explain ourselves..

Be stronger at the start
                        and never  question
                           where we finished.
Because to question ourselves
                     only leaves more question marks..
a guy
in wild
sox seize
this roof
with threadbare
darts and
trim top
with gad
of post
and prove
velvet goest
with cream
here this
base ardently
shin eaves
in our
free fall
Asked me
What was that?

Was it the effect
of Ketamine
or you?
Genre: Clinical Romantic
Theme: When the balance is lost ||Dissociative world
thesa Jan 15
every step i take
my soul and body ache

and still
i hope
that by the end of the day

i will feel love
instead of hate
in all the pain
as if new life
rushes through my veins

because i'm human
which no longer means

i fall down
get up
and grow old
die young
to be proud
what i've done

it was a long way
and i took different paths
to form myself
how i am, act and love

but just as hurt
has a domino effect
so does healing

which i discovered
to be
Johnny walker Nov 2018
To cast my eye's upon
a world to which I no
longer recognised  
a world that's changed
far from growing up as
as a child
So different
now there are constant demands pressure of
work causing stress bills
landing daily on the
doormat, there seems at times very little reason to
want to continue In a world I no longer recognise
But sadly I have
to live, sorry for young of
today who we leave to a world those that lived before have destroyed with our own greed and
self Importance forgetting
this world and It's environment the greenhouse effect a pathetic legacy Is that we
leave our young and unsuspecting innocent who themselves have done no wrong, how wrong was
God to leave his world In our care
A world I no longer recognise so sorry for the young bringing them to a world to which we before have already destroyed
Thomas EG Aug 2018
I guess that 'love' isn't always flawless and simple but, nonetheless, it is pure

The 'love' was there and ultimately she's made me happier than before
Butterfly Effect ha ha
(Started this in 2017, finished it in 2018)
Gabriel burnS Aug 2018
vanity is makeup-like, an airtight mask
eroding, alas, the skin underneath
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