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timothy johnson Dec 2019
Drugs got me feelin alright
When I'm cold they be my sunshine
You were lookin so divine
But you had to say goodbye
Now i'm snorting all the time    
Wonder if i'll die tonight
You keep popping in my mind
broke my heart start to cry
I still wanna be a valentine
Please just call me one more time
I got no one by my side
So I keep on getting high
timothy johnson Dec 2019
I look for love
but it's never enough
so i hurt my girl
and get with a guy
im sorry im bi
why would you tease me
if your just gonna leave me
timothy johnson Dec 2019
Drugs, will they fill me
or will they **** me
they can make me feel alright
but I can also die tonight
but is life worth living
with all this pain and suffering
i don't know
give me one more hit and i might know
timothy johnson Dec 2019
runaway from the pain
cut my wrist in the rain
silver birds fly away
i know death is a shame
especially when they have fame
who am i? just a name
we are one in the same
both heartache and pain
you make me feel some kinda way
but i cut my veins
to send endorphins to my brain

— The End —