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Scarlett Jul 2018
You said she was an open book.
but she was a shut door,
made of glass
rica May 2018
you told me i was like an open book—easy to read, but difficult to understand.

”why?” i asked, and you simply simled at me and said,

”because you’re written in a language i am not fluent in.
Keithlyne Mar 2018
Your life had been an open book,
everybody knows, everyone wants to read.

Every chapter of your life had been criticised by unknown ones.

There were people that judged you by your mistakes,
hated you by believing the gossips surrounded you
but they were people that loved you & your flaws,
accepted you by being who you are.

You are not perfect but your imperfection makes you, you.
Your world is different, mine is too simple yours is too complicated.

You are the known and i'm the unknown that will always love you
and the hidden page of your life.

I am the bookmark of your open book life that will always remind
you how important you are in my world, in this world.
For my inspiration and athlete crush, Ricci Rivero.
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
Maybe I love her more.
Then again maybe she loves me more.
To her love is a test.
I know I've missed my share of answers.
I looked at the clock.
Knowing I need to take my time but can't slow down.
In a time I couldn't think she hid my calculator.
Telling me to use my fingers.
I knew the answers, I used them everyday.
Maybe I love her more because I studied.
Then again maybe she loves me more because it was a pop quiz.
But thats ok, because it was open book.

Motivation to love you better
ryn Nov 2017
My digits tremble
as ink falls to paper

I know you’re listening

My eyes blur
as tears fall to smudge

I know you’re watching

My insides crumble
as these words are written

Because I know you’re reading
Marina Neal Nov 2017
With these tears
also wash my dreams away
I don’t want to think or feel

i’m clothed but i’m bare
i don’t wear my heart on my sleeve
my heart is sewn into my eyes
so i can try to lie
but i can never hide

everything comes out of me
these thoughts and feelings
for anyone to see
in blood
in tears
in sweat from fear
even the air i breathe
tastes like broken dreams
and tells you everything
i could never want
you to know about me

Marrisa Jun 2017
Smile and wave,
Pretend it's a normal day.
Don't stop to look down,
There are people all around.
Stand tall and fair,
Even if they stare.
Be nice and polite,
Don't go picking a fight.
Hide your true feelings,
Pretend like your heart isn't peeling.
It isn't you who they want,
It's the monster inside they hunt.
Act normal and laugh,
Hide your other half.
Don't show yourself,
Let them see you're in good health.
These lies won't hurt them.
Just don't look into their eyes,
That's where they can tell these are lies.
You can never truly hide yourself. No matter how hard you try.
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
Floating here out in the sea
All you can see is me
The good the bad the ****
All packed up so snugly
I am an open book
All you need is to take a look
I hide nothing in the binding
I hide nothing in my rhyming
It's all laid out so plainly
There was never anyone to save me
Countless times I've given in
Countless times I've committed sin
But I've only ever hurt myself
So I finally put me on a shelf

— The End —