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Emmy Anne Mar 2015
I like the dark. My scars are hidden and the stars don't judge my flaws.
Sarah Wallace Feb 2015
You think I can laugh at the stars
Because it's all I've ever done
But my dear if you knew
Where my heart has
Come from
You would hurt inside
And give me the moon
For the sake of a silent cry
I have not always been so alive
At times I've been so lost and low that no one could find me
Not even myself
So next time you look at me
And think that I am spoiled with joy
Remember we all have our stories we never tell
Oh to be called by
The bell
" keep laughing for love is what you have to sell"
Keep laughing and shining
This life is yours
The hurt inside me
No one can tell
Examine my heart
Love all your stars
I wish you well.
Kylia Nov 2014
It caresses my face,
Rubbing one velvety gloved finger up and
Down my neck, tracing up the
sharpness of my chin,
My, what a contrast.

The wind is like
Dry ice,
It freezes lips shut and
chills even teeth,
But when it warms,
Your skin craves it like
Parched throats crave water.

The wind is like an
Earthworm, it burrows straight into my
Nose when I tilt my head back.
It slithers through the holes in my shirt,
And breathes in life.

The wind is like a swarm of
Stinging my eyes, making them leak.
It stings for a second, then
Flies away,
Only to attack again, and again,
And again.

The wind is like a spider's
Invisible to the untrained eye,
Yet strong as steel--
Maybe even
It catches stray objects and
Swallows it whole,
Trapping them in its
Unrelenting fist

To me, the wind is also a force of
nature, both
Meek and Mighty--unpredictable
But what is it? Really...
It's all up to you

Everyone has different opinions on
Different matters, so
Don't judge.
Watching hair fly while staring out the window aimlessly during a thunderstorm proves more inspiring than I thought.
Love knows no bounds no matter who you are, no matter who you're with
Male or female, gay,straight, bi, whatever
Who are they to judge I don't think they should be allowed
I think if you're happy that is all that should matter
I love my family whomever they choose to love
Happiness is in the eye of the beholder after all
My heart is swollen with love for my family and friends, I am truly blessed with who has been put into my life
Remember never judge unless you want to be judged thyself
Give love and thy shall receive love
Jasmine smiles Apr 2014
by the
Jasmine smiles Apr 2014
The scariest sparrow
Hides the bravest soul.
The girl most narrow
Her heart Carries the heaviest toll.
The man with the most beautiful mind
Is labelled useless in society.
The woman most kind
Lacks necessary variety.
The boy most vile
Has the most ambition.
The best bio
Is the worst description.
What did you write in your bio?
Yhama ButterFly Apr 2014
Judges of life's wrong
Your indiscretions dismissed
Pray, cease and desist*

~Butterfly εїз ©
A lot of times we judge and look down on others for the same indiscretions we ourselves have fallen prey to. What makes your mistakes tolerable and others mistakes intolerable?

— The End —