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Yhama ButterFly Jun 2014
Majestic is

this love I scribe

open like the skies

beautiful if you stare

sensitive to the eyes

burning moths to flames

embracing every touch

weary of the pain

desiring the lust

Majestic is

love under pressure

don't call it ordinary

be careful its combustible

rare, yet extraordinary

not quite the miraculous

~Butterfly εїз
Yhama ButterFly Apr 2014
It's not his love that was in
question, it was her own.

It became clear to her while
sitting on the edge of her bed.

She watched him in his sleep
and a tear fell from her cheek...

She no longer questioned herself.

~Y. Butterfly εїз ©
Yhama ButterFly Apr 2014

No desire for words spoken

we sail on the wind

the energy surrounding us

takes perfect dictation

nothing misunderstood

cosmically we sync

we finish sentences spoken


we fit by design

forever equals us

without a moments notice

eternity sealed our fate

the first time we exchanged looks

from across the way


~Butterfly εїз ©
Yhama ButterFly Apr 2014
I'm fascinated with their minds

the luxury of having someone

take every detail about you


Fantasize about it

Romanticize it

Exaggerate it's details

Make it verbally extraordinary*

I'm fascinated with their hearts

their soul suspended

In every word written

keeps their audience guessing

do they actually mean it


their great at telling amazing stories

~Butterfly εїз 2014©
I love poetry and the people who write it!
Yhama ButterFly Apr 2014
Mornings are wet

sun peaks behind dark clouds

harsh winds blow

tree leaves sing

bees pollinates nature

flowers blossom free

frozen petals question Spring

why Winter refuses to leave

It holds the seasons hostage

with warm days and cold nights

and the earth caught in between

~Butterfly εїз 2014©
Dedicated to the unstable seasons winter and spring.
Yhama ButterFly Apr 2014
I read a poem so passionately
good this morning

It made my heart skip 10 times

This writers message of love
it spoke into me

I had to stop

compose myself

inhale a few breaths

take a minute to breathe

Then I found myself going
back several times to reread

This writers expression of love

It spoke to the love inside of me

Most know me for my words of inspiration

There are a few who knows
my soul spouts love in sonnets

Through the eyes of this writer
I was fed an abundance

~Butterfly εїз 2014©
Inspired by a poem I read on yesterday.
Yhama ButterFly Apr 2014
The Love of God
Is not average love
Definitely not the love of today
Is this why people look in such a way
Which keeps them guessing
Wondering why you’re not stressin’
Over hurts of the past nor yesterday  
See, I have experienced His Agape

I’ve learned, every hurt is not a deal breaker
Every wrong deed does not warrant a person being deserted
When was the last time you hurt a friend
Not for the first time, but… again
Sometimes forgiveness and restoration is for the best
Not all hurts should be overly stressed
Have you participated in your fair share of mess…?
I guess, yes

Practice restoration and forgiveness
Every hurt is not a deal breaker
Every wrong deed does not warrant a person being deserted
Walk in His Agape love
Simply His Love “Unconditional”

~Butterfly εїз  2014©
(a spoken word joint)
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