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Looking for incriminating lyrics
after record embedded....
Get ready to hear it
*** I got head like its lettuce.....
Green inappearance
And essentially shredded......
By mention of merit
The menace like dennis.....
I only trust Logan
In defense of my wife
Pregnant and senses defenseless....
He's with clear spirit detection
Appearing in righteous succession..
Of profession unloaded
Sworn to uphold
The crown she protecting
And son with whom she is pregnant
And the son of the seed
Grown in her home....
Alone is solely neglected
With out Gabriel
And angels to inbune
With texts scripts
And song from
The heavens his home
The endless aura from Michael
Sways skys to smile
On men who shy from emotion driven
Spiritual lessons... and test
The heavenly child
Think I'm false as **** thats bad ***
I'm just getting this memo
It's potentially filed
On silent memento...
Under file devilish smile
Attribute paper to pencil...
Sharpen the little
Excuse I rented from  gippetto
Pulling strings on the devil
In a screeching introspective
Inspector Reynolds museum...
So I invented my motive
And kept collective
Lies as recorded intelli....

— The End —