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LemonWater Feb 2021
I draw with silver 'till it turns red
Not on surface, but in depth
I draw in time, in life, in motion
I draw in pain and create art
The first verse is inspired form a tik tok lol
LemonWater Feb 2021
I like blood
I like my blood
I like it dissipated on my skin
I like when it covers my cuts and makes them pretty
I want it to flow out of my veins out of my body
I want to see it
I want to touch it
Because it is so beautiful
Sometimes it makes me cry
How can this beautiful pure thing keep me alive
...and why?
LemonWater Feb 2021
What if absolute love
means to fully accept the pain?
What if it means that even if this person makes you want to die,
you will still want to be with them forever.
This thought is a scary one
LemonWater Feb 2021
The worst thing when you know what you need
Is when your needs are not met
And you know you have to leave
But you tell yourself "Not yet".
Then you hope they will change,
But you know that's not fair.
You can't ask them to do that
When you can't do it yourself.
Now you cry in the dark
And you're lonely and scared.
"What if there's no one there?"
"What if no one here cares?"
Now you have an eternity
To live by yourself
And they say: "You'll be free!",
But is it freedom?
Or hell?
I don't know.
dark nights
darker times
since you left my life
hard to breathe
speak in goodbyes
got no more will
and no more fight
left in me
so in the dark i cry
i pray to whatever's out there
to let me die
i'm broken and worn
and already dying inside
i can't manage
to do one thing right
have mercy on me
squeezing my eyes tight
hoping when i open them
i'm covered in light
LemonWater Feb 2021
When did I forget?
I want to remember how it feels
To love and to be loved without regrets.
Now I wonder...
Will I ever feel it again?
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