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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
The lies do not stop once they start
Know I'll eventually master the art
How long until they come apart?

I think it is time to come clean
Should never let fear be seen
No one know details of your routine

So go ahead and hide what is true
Sanity secretly an unlocked open zoo
You've all got answers but not one clue
Day 24: a poem unlike anything you've written before
Poetic T Aug 2019
I saw the sunrise through a keyhole,
      opening every possibility to

a new day.

Unlocking the potential
                                           of what opened
                                                   before me.

Remember its to the door that yearns forward,

                            but the keyhole.

Opening new possibilities that were once locked,
                                                         ­               before you.

Always look though keyholes at sunrise,
                        for they show you the possibility of

                                     what can be unlocked.
adriana Jan 2019
a white picket fence and blue shutters
describes the house i see in my mind.
a quaint and childish fantasy,
with love blind and hands intertwined.
i left my shoes by the door
and i left that door unlocked.
you locked the door behind you
and didn't care enough to have knocked.
i built that house to have you in it,
and i wanted your shoes by the door.
but you don't bother with much of anything
and i can hear your steps against the floor.
then things get a little lonely
and you're the only one sleeping in the bed.
and i'm sitting on the hardwood because, well, actually, i forgot to imagine anything else in this godforsaken house except for that bed because i was too busy thinking of you.
things got a little lonely and they hurt a little more.
then i made an effort to run from you,
but my shoes were still by the door.
the pavement probably would've felt worse than the pain i endure from trying to love you. at least, it feels better to think of it that way.
Isaac Sep 2018
You have special talent
waiting to be
unlocked through work.
Written 12 September 2018
in solitary confinement -

with the key to the exit
in your reach -

with nowhere to go
and no one to meet -

with nothing to do,
besides watching seconds,
evolve into minutes,
evolve into hours,
evolve into days.

would you leave?

- v.m
i'm honestly not sure what this is.
i have nothing to do so yeah
J Foster Apr 2016
I keep a spare key under the welcome mat,
But no one ever needs to use it.
The hinges on the locks never squeak.
No one has taken that spare key in almost a year
to keep for themselves.
J Foster Apr 2016
I leave my door unlocked.
People come and go as they please.
No one ever stays.
My door remains unlocked.
AM Jun 2015
I don't care
how many
full moon
but I left
the door
Daniel Mashburn Sep 2014
I must have reread your letter about a couple dozen times
In my car with the air on and two windows down.
You said you'd taken my jacket and shouldn't leave my car unlocked.
You said people like you would come around, but I think maybe not enough.
And I love driving recklessly all across the town
And some'd say its a waste of gas and time, but it's not a waste of mine
And I love it when you're next to me telling me stories of your life
I love it even more when it's the half a millionth time
I would trade in all my old regrets for all of your secrets
And I would give you my whole heart if you'd take care of it
And I think about you often in the middle of the of night
I wonder every moment if I, too, am on your mind
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