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Death’s Dictator Rendered

   Countries and leaders

    They coexist in a paradox of “one needs another.”

     Power is alike a potent drink

     To power’s heads, such intoxicates and corrupts a brother.

    Shielding one self through words that justify a blood bath

     Words handed over

     to the trusting populations……

     in order to capture a ticket to power’s seat

     with such, promises and trustful actions never do they meet….

    A push of a button….

     A jab with a verbal knife…..

     Strikes another nation.

     Through corruptions and anger

     derived from ill faded and egocentric power bursts…

      Destruction rains over

     those that they consider a “rival”.

       Walls cutting off roads  

      to the needless spread of targeting those  “others”

      defined as  the obstruction to  their greedy targets of expression

      of joyful power intoxication through war and money absorbing actions.

      in which a job…

       people are recruited from the populous.

      Whom  the dictator  loves to employ…

       Soldiers in their “war to their just cause”

       the population is brainwashed to oblivion.

      Without a true view of who and what they are fighting for….

      until the world is shaken and almost rendered “extinct.”

      Through these pig headed wars….

      A show of strength…..

       to hide their weaknesses…

      the purge of adversaries…..    

      ensures their hold to their sword of power.

      As memories of those fallen

      on their forgotten grave sites….


      who remembers a forgotten and misunderstood heart….

       on their tombstone…

they place upon it a beautiful flower.
ICN Jul 2017
What happened?
Oh wait I remember
A president was elected
But we didn't get him
Instead we a got a dictatorial regime.

Freedom of speech was the first right to go
Slowly but surely
Prisoners of war
Accumulated in the prisons.

College kids and Activists
Beaten, *****, shot, ridiculed.
They might as well have been tarred and feathered

How sick do you have to be to shoot at a girl
With her eyes closed
Crying for her country?

How sick do you have to be to paralyze a 15 year old boy
With the rest of us
For his future?

And don't get me started on the grandpa
Who was marching
with his grandchildren

Or the violinist
Dedicating a tune to his country

All trying
To escape from this country
Plagued by insecurity, inflation, and corruption.

The only thing we have left
Is a small scrap of hope.
i don't usually write about Venezuela, because it is a very touchy subject for me but i couldn't help it after yesterday
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
Hi Syria,

How are you feeling today?
I've heard so much about you
How strong you are
Enduring six years of illness
And counting
Of how high spirited you've remained
Watching children play in the
Midst of turmoil;
Indiscriminate shelling
Heard of the many chemical baths
You've been subjected to
Assad believing you have
Cancerous cells
Needing to be exterminated
Not realizing HE is
The cancer and you;
You the victim
How I wish I could help you heal
From your trauma

Yet I heard an injection
Was given you today
With the hope
The chemical baths can end
Because it is killing you
Slowly rotting
Destroying your body
Taking away your beauty
The side effect of corruption
How beautiful you once were
How long will it take you to heal?
I wish for peace of mind
And a healthy future for you

From JM 4/7/17
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017
The eternal clock
Starts ticking
Counting up?
Counting down?
Arms swaying
It's own master
Cruel ruler
Stern Dictator
Controlling motion
Holder of the keys to
Life and Death
Father Clock
Wise, old and fearsome
Times up
The Circle of Death

JM 4/1/17
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Our future would be nicer
If he wasn't such a liar
At least could play the role
And be less politician
And less a bad magician
If he only had a soul.

He’s drunk with his power
Which is growing by the hour
He’s really on a roll.
He believes he is king
And we don’t mean a thing
Because he has no soul.

He has voters he can step on
Now we’ve given him a weapon
It was obvious in the polls
So many to ****
Destroying them at will
Like a creature with no soul.

Now his approval is sagging
His supporters are gagging
As they try swallowing him whole.
He’s sure none can top him
And no one can stop him
Because he has no soul.

He won’t be satisfied
’Till all Democrats have died
Or get by shoveling coal.
We’d appeal to his heart
If he had one at the start
And if he only had a soul.
Sing along, folks. You know the tune, you just never knew the words until I re-wrote them. Modernized, as it were.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Have you  ever met someone
So odious and evil you cringed?
Someone who was so obviously
From Hell they looked singed?
A person so awful to be around
You badly wanted to move away
So you would not accidentally
Hear a word they had to say?

Someone who, by showing up
Could make a bright day dim?
A person who could *** you out
Without a word from them?
A slimy kind of crap machine
That filled your heart with dread;
So much you feared to hear
A single word they said?

The kind of creep you tried hard
To avoid glancing their way;
To hear their views on anything
Could solidly *** your day.
For years you suspected they
Had no parenting much at all.
A decent parent would have taught
Them better when they were was small.

Sadly though, not watching him
And avoiding the **** sight
Was not the way that was the best,
It didn’t work out so right.
Thinking he was so obvious
That no body would ever trust
Laissez faire might have worked
Close, but really only just.

Because snakes like that kind
Sneak around and pass out bribes
And play the game of devils
That King James describes.
They rise to the top of criminals
Who have morals just like them;
That is to say no morals at alll
Just greed, lust and whim.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
President ****
A massive old grump
Talks like a garbage dump.
Throws the country into a slump.

Has no heart to go thump.
Gave racism a big jump.
Gathered fascists into a clump.
Now we all have to ****.

He should be inconsequential
As he has no credentials.
Nothing presidential.
Statesmanship? Purely residential.

He’s mostly pestilential.
No morals evidential.
Facts ruled non-essential
To mindless millennials.

Suddenly he has at hand
The highest office in the land.
Confetti and a brass band.
No ceremony is too grand.

The laws he doesn’t understand
With money ostentatiously fanned
He showed he had the winning hand
But still can’t spell words like ampersand.

Now we’ve made him king of all
Among villains he will stand tall.
We should give Ghostbusters a call.
This **** has us against a wall.

A wall to be built that will surely fall
But for now he is having a ball
With American bigots in full thrall,
Their white God has heard their call.
Mane Omsy Nov 2016
Scars everywhere, I expected
I knew it before, but can't stand
No more migrants, no black lives
Why are you pouring molten water
On your own people?

Calling up in a war?
Blaming on every people
Who wished for a bright future
What have you done to the people?
Greedy and racist creature has been elected..
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