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Toya Apr 3
One day I had it
Caressing of my hair, kind words and deep hugs.
Feelings of warmth and remorse.
That thing called love.
Toya Dec 2020
I've been told to move on
But not how to let go
I guess I will call it a stretch
#growth #pain #stretch #god
Toya Dec 2020
Her body, not mine
Which is fine
This one will do
Each curve hides its own truth
Which guides you to being the best you
#selfconfidence #selflove #awareness #god
Toya Dec 2020
Who knew my buttons would press like this
Get stuck, rearrange, and shift
Typewrite my dialogue and capture my gifs
Tab passed my joyful moments
Barely escaping these forced wild currents
Altering my being
I am social media
#reality #life #strife #god
Toya Dec 2020
It started as a leaf then grew up from there
The root disappeared  
Rather left behind
Thoughts of you planted in my mind
Hello, my dear
#love #lost #forgiveness #god
Toya Nov 2020
Be it the bearer of good news
Or the breaker of backs
The trenches were made by you
But dug by me
Be careful what you wish upon the servant
Cuz the servant could be the serpent
And bite you back
Toya Nov 2020
I am waiting
Here I am
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