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arthohos Jan 2019
I always imagined my future
with you
always imagined myself ending up
with you
always imagined my birthdays
with you
always imagined my travelings
with you
always imagined you in my graduation being so proud of me
always imagined us celebrating my
first job
and how proud you would be
always imagined you asking me to be your fiancé
with your sparkly brown eyes on your knees
always imagined us fighting over where to spend our honeymoon and dates
I would probably go to where you want to be
because I have a soft heart
only with you
always imagined our baby
little, chubby, and a mix of the best of you and me
always imagined you as a dad and my husband and my cozy home everyday
but that is all what u left when u left me..
You left me with my silly imagination and a never ending dream..
Jasmine Reid Sep 2018
be honest, tell me I meant nothing to you,
                                                       remind me of everything I did wrong.
make me cry, but don’t touch me with words of comfort,
                                                                                               be brutal to my skin.
tear it up with harsh comments, write the names on my limbs and put your hands around my neck, a bear trap on my leg and let me bleed, stab me with your fists, bruise me with the truth once again.

Don’t let me crawl back.

keep me at a distance and kick me towards someone else to bother, as you shove me away and stay alone in the dark. forever.
- no title -
Tabitha Sep 2017
I tried
The same reason I cried, I died inside.
Imagine the life we live without feelings. Complete emptiness.

You filled me up, drew a smile in my heart,though you never loved me, I thought we loved each other; we just got complicated together.

The space between mind and soul, you filled it up wrestling with the pain that was left by the same one I'm running back to.

He tore me, left for you to
Mend it,
You did it,
I let you.
You did me, I loved it.
You did us, and lost it.
I'm here for you, she's there too.

You made me happy, put me together, showed me the passion any woman would **** for.....
......I died for..
When I hear your name it warms me, your face blesses me,the way you laugh, how toothaches make you cry, the confidence in your steps, the look in your eyes that strips me compliments and pleases me.
I see forever in your eyes, no secrets, no lies, unbreakable ties.
Forever together, without me.
I tried.
The same reason I lied, I hide inside.
I am not enough to hold you down, the stray in you defeats my power.
A majestic aura of supremacy you bring with you as I let you take over my weakness. I want to hold your hand, let go and hang onto your heart, slip and fall deep in your love, dive and drown into your soul....

How do I begin to imagine the loneliness of not having you with me?
If I could call you my forever, I would; but right now I can never but only dream
Ebony Dec 2016
When I first met you, I swore there were meadows in your eyes.

Big, green fields that I got lost in every time I looked in them.

I swore your sleek black hair was silk and it was magic when

I ran my hands through it.

Your scattered freckles popped out on the pale skin that

is your canvas and you lips pressed against mine felt like

rose petals.

When I first met you, you sparkled and shined and made

me feel pure ecstasy.

But as time went on, I saw those fields less and the

feeling of silk was a distant memory to me.

Your canvas began to fade and your

rose petals began to wilt.

My heart and body and soul craved you and

when I got a reminder of your fields and silk,

your canvas sprung back to life and your

petals blossomed like never before.

But eventually, my heart and body and soul

grew tired of not getting the love it needed.

I began to crave you more but to no avail.

Your green fields turned into burned and charred remains.

Your silk felt like barbwire against my hands,

your canvas was stained and

your rose petals died

leaving nothing being but thorns on my lips.

When I first met you, I knew I’d love you.

And I still do.

But ecstasy is a distant feeling and I have crashed.

My flame is out, and you don’t shine to me anymore.
thehiddenwriter Jun 2016
And when he was there
She was long gone,
He waited and waited
Watching all the seasons repeat themselves,
But she never came and
He never moved
Hoping that what he wanted would come true,
His one sided love would for just once,
Come to life
My heart is beating
Beating loud
Just not clear

My heart is beating
A steady beat
Yet it hurts

My heart is beating
Pumping blood through my veins
Just not enough

My heart is beating
Beating for the one I love
It just can't show her
My heart is no longer beating
No longer making a sound
It has lost its rythem
Now it is standing still
Blood now lays down in my veins

My heart has been broken
Broken by the one it truly loves

My heart is now dead in every way
Killed by the one that it loved
A broken heart can heal. It just takes time. Just like the time it took to be broken.
The fire in your eyes is fueled by your lies.
I don't care anymore I ignore your cries.
I sit back and watch as our love slowly dies.
I bought every word as you hid In disguise.
Your chiseling heart is filled with cold ice.
My heart is like a bird slowly it will rise.
I'm glad that it's over, no more sacrifice.
Love is a game I will no longer try.
Oktoberbarn May 2014
because nothing
     makes me happier

and nothing
    makes me sadder

than you

— The End —