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CrookedMantis Mar 2018
Roses are crimson
But violets have fine hues
Others may glisten
But you make me light a fuse
When you show your true colors
CrookedMantis Jan 2018
Your smile is a portrait
Bright and full of color
It brings me such good fortune
When I am feeling under

Passionate red ever present
Curious pink always with it
May joyous green never relent
And the others remain unslit

For my sake, smile bright and bold
I want our fortune to thrive
My outline will not hold
Without those colors five
This poem is inspired by a webcomic known as The Property of Hate, and it is written from the perspective of the main character's old love interest. If you want more details, I encourage you read the comic for yourself:
CrookedMantis Jan 2018
To Chronophobics
New Years Eve is Halloween
Let them sleep early
CrookedMantis Dec 2017
My cap hides papers in its bill.
I find a new message each day.
They always give neat information.
How it knows these things I cannot say.

It told me why the stars twinkle.
It told me how most caps are sown.
Yesterday it told me you hate me.
So I guess I should leave you alone.

My thinking cap just informed me:
That you beat it, so it would die.
Why would you do that? I hate you too!
You can't fool me! My cap wouldn't lie!
CrookedMantis Dec 2017
You make me so conflicted
Are you a friend or faux
I feel like I'm afflicted
With what I cannot know

I wish that you were here
Not stuck inside my head
Does that make me the bier
Supporting what is dead

Or rather, what never lived
CrookedMantis Dec 2017
Shivering in warmth
Never a pleasant moment
Despite all reason
CrookedMantis Dec 2017
Locked knees
On a trapeze
Are sure to cause catastrophes
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