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She wears all black and drinks champagne from a glass
With red lip stick marking the rim
And her eyes drawing you in
If I can’t have you in this reality
Then I will visit you every night in the one I can create
You appear as a stranger
Though your behavior has become perpetual
Assuming the next two moves
Before they are even used
Predictable patterns I could easily call check mate
Prove me wrong as I quietly wait
Such a fool I’ve become on the game of “Who is playing who”
Let us put down childish matters and forget what we’ve put each other through
Oh sleep, she is not a friend to me
I come to her kneeling at her feet and beg to give me the gift of rest
She scoffs at me and tells me she does not grant a request from such a guest

Oh sleep, I cry out to you
Asking for your acquaintance
But I have grown accustomed
To your silence and my patience

Oh sleep, you have visited my bedside last again
I have watched the sun rise and the Earth awaken
Please don’t mistaken my desperation
My body grows weary of being a stranger
To the only one who can be my savior

Oh sleep, grant my eyes to be heavy and seal them tight
For I long to be reunited with my dreams tonig
There were never any monsters under my bed
Only the ones that lived in my head
As you may admire her from the peak of a mountain
Know that she commends the gardens she made below
For His will in every season
She will make beauty out of the weeds-of-wrath
As will in the likeness of clouds
A strong woman is prized in both seasons
Don’t fall for folly when you only catch her touching the stars
I was fighting a beast in the dark
When the light scorched the Earth
It revealed who you were
Familiar eyes that matched mine
Alone I was this whole time

— The End —