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Chirayu Writer Jul 2015
Some people live in a bitter, angry, hate-filled world.
Some people living in a friendly, caring, love-filled Same world...”....
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
Staring into the abyss is staring into yourself.
Your craft is your presence, your temperament is your greatness bringing to you all of what you know, your perception of all of your truth coming from within you and reflecting as your mirror towards others. #bebeyonddoubt #beyourfullself #bethelove you find in the depths of that abyss that may look like demise at times.
I have and still I rise. #Riseforyou#Risingforyourvisio
#Riseforyourancestors so that they can recognize how you have become through them the spirit of entrepreneurial life.
#Iam truly blessed to be me.
#Beyou #Befree

— The End —