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Dark Holes Aug 2014
Sizzling sausages
Deliver unto my mouth
Slide between my lips
Dark Holes Jul 2014
Who let the dogs out?
Perhaps it was your mother.
We may never know.
Dark Holes Jun 2014
Smirking frat boy bro
Derped your way into my brain
Love by the beer pong
Dark Holes Jun 2014
Goodbye blockbuster
The internet killed your biz
No more crap late fees
  Jun 2014 Dark Holes
Depression heartbreak
Lovelife sad death lost you pain
Hashtags are poetry
Dark Holes Jun 2014
Fuzzy ol' neck beard
Tips his jaunty fedora
Self proclaimed nice guy
Dark Holes Jun 2014
Bangles are my jam
Please walk like an Egyptian
Right into my heart
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