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Spencer Dennison Jan 2015
In a better world...

every TV, in every house hold,
comes with it's very own blindfold
so that the children won't be able to see
the horrible, bloated beast
that media has come to be.
Spencer Dennison Jan 2015
Time and time again
I have raised a hand
or a fist, or a blade,
to destroy this thing I love
and all the things I've made.

Perhaps it is this skin,
that encompasses me
like an unwanted lover,
that makes me see these flaws
in one thing or another.

It is most likely me,
not you or they,
who created this unholy rage
that has made me hate this art
and set fire, not pen, to the page.

The foolish churls
and putrid youths
who plague and prowl these hallways
who abuse this sacred art and leave it
lost among the daily craze.

While I may applaud your work
and hand out digital hearts,
there are others amongst the crowd
who pervert the most basic concept
in any way that they are allowed.

I swear to the eternal void,
to the primeval seas of blackness,
to all that will ever last
that if this kind of beauty can be ruined,
then we all should die, quick and fast.
A peculiar devil has found me today
Spencer Dennison Jan 2015
There is just something I want you to know.
We knew that we would never be great,
we would never feel fire in our heart
when we congregate
in the libraries and alleyways.
We have lost our edge,
our static charge, our blaze,
and it beyond us recover it.

We were amazing at something
that the world had no patience for,
so in those moments when we shone
the world chose to ignore.
Now we have lost our flair,
we will never have another encore...
Because we were spectacular at something
and it has rotted away
like so many of our hopes
and aspirations
and this tired procrastination
has gotten us nowhere.

We made a world, for every and anyone
who chose to share it with us...
but it has drained away
from the land and sea,
now us tired artists
must join reality.
Spencer Dennison Jan 2015
In a place where everything and everyone
is shallow,
your eyes alone are left with a depth to them
that no-one could have ever guessed.
In a place where hard work is an excuse
to be superior,
you value interior in a way
quite ulterior.
In a mirror you're just as good as them,
but your beauty will stem
from things other than your physicality.
It comes from the fact that you make happiness
a reality.
The totality of your devotion
to something as simple as a smile
makes every second spent with you,
instantly worthwhile.

Sure, there have been guys,
who have had their own ideas.
Used lies like a blade
to cut their way into your heart,
but you've grown wise since then.
You've been hurt before,
but your determination to stay happy
is worth more than any man could be.
I'm only around you three hours a week,
but your smile shines through any attempt I have
at keeping my attitude bleak.
If I can be completely honest,
you leave me absolutely star-struck
and it was just my luck
that I was born four years before you.

Our worlds run parallel from my view,
but the way I can connect heart and mind with you
is a treasure that cannot be reproduced.
Spencer Dennison Jan 2015
We watch time fly out
our window sill
and yet we still
try to capture this moment
hold it
as if holding it
will keep it here""
but it sinks into the atmosphere
the moment you let go
and you must let go
because the flame that is smothered dies
and there will be no rise
from ashes, no cries for help
no morse code dots and dashes
there is no running
not now, not ever
and you don't need to be
the most strong
or the most clever
you just need to be you
because you are a miracle
in a world that is content
to let science explain everything
we don't need a flow chart
to know the heart
we need faith
not in gods or crosses
or wins and losses
but in our own reflection
not self correction
in us
all we are
and all we are is
the answer to a question
we have been asking ourselves
since the last time we felt lost
since our lullabies became embossed
on text books and bibles
since we were held liable
for the actions of generations past
we are not the last
but we can be the first
since the day we were cursed 
with this desire to be more 
in a society rotten to the core 
and no amount of rhyming 
or perfect
will cure that, 
we all have our own tin-foil hat, 
but if someone is trying to read 
your mind 
think something worth a **** 
stop trying to find meaning, 
stop preening,
stop everything you are doing 
and simply be.
I am no authority
on living a good life. 
Grief and Suffering are my in-laws
because I married strife 
but if you believe a single thing
that I ever say
believe that you are not stuck,
there is always another way.
Spencer Dennison Jan 2015
I am a poet,
connected by a network of poets
to thousands of poets...
but we are all still lonely
because we live inside our own heads.
Spencer Dennison Jan 2015
We are but leaves upon the wind,
folly is our master and we, the slave,
never believing our story's been spinned
until we go smiling into our grave.

Our bliss is our youth, our youth, our bliss
and we revel without knowing why
but there is no morale to all of this,
choice truly is the greatest lie.

None us will ever reach the stars
or the heavens or anything up above,
we serve our lust in clubs and bars
but we go our lives without serving love.

...and if just rhymes could change the Earth,
maybe then, we would have some worth.
But we will not find it, here nor far,
because worthless?
That is what we truly are.
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