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Aditya Apr 2020
There comes a time in a man's life,
When the search for meaning,
Fails to be elusive to the human mind.

When the value of priced possessions,
Falls like a deck of cards.

Erasing every dream, every desire,
Slowly from within the subconscious mind.

When the heart knows no difference,
Between friend and enemy,
Good and evil,
Love and hatred.

The roots of shocking indifference,
Hidden beneath the history of time,
Wounds that shaped the mind,
Suppressed under a pretended smile.

The time comes when the smile fades away,
Standing against ones fears face to face.

When the absence of fear,
Feels like freedom,
When the acceptance of Death,
Seeps through the soul naturally,
Relinquishing the charade called Life.
Aditya Dec 2018
Employing every ounce of air Within,
a Bellow to gather and Play,
Before a web was designed to Begin,
a count on friendship for Display.
Let Me Grow Up Once More

When rain was an Opportunity,
to create the storms for paper Boats,
Until the mind shadowed nature’s Beauty,
with swarms of worldly Anecdotes.
Let Me Bask In Nature Once More

The conflict between good and Evil,
resolved merely by action Figures,
Reality stirred a devious Upheaval,
the battle between Power Diggers.
Let Me Balance My World Once More

The excitement of long pants and a ballpoint Pen,
muddy hands and castles of Sand,
A new universe building in my Mind’s Den,
possessing the ability to make the ordinary, Grand.

Let Me Hop Skip and Jump back,
to Live My Innocence Once More
Notice the smile on your face and the sparkle in your eyes when you relive your fond childhood memories ?

That’s the real YOU — the one who is bubbling with enthusiasm over LIFE.

The child within you does not differentiate between small and big achievements, or count the number of friends, or sulk over uncontrollable worldly affairs, but simply accepts Life in all its reality to savor the only moment available right NOW!

Awaken the child within you to Seize the Day and live unperturbed by what you can’t control !
Aditya Nov 2018
Like an ice cold Needle,
Piercing a tainted Spot,
Words spawning an Upheaval,
a Heart wounded by an invisible Gunshot.
Aditya Nov 2018
Receding clouds of Rain,
’Tis time to Reap what is Sown,
Rejoicing every struggle and Pain,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, Why Moan?

A competition of Caliber,
Announcing a union of sacred Souls,
Wealth and prosperity chose the Seeker,
the One igniting a fire Within,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, His only Goal.

Commemorating a political Exile,
A victory of Good over Evil,
Flaunting earthen lamps in Style,
Coloring the night sky with Dazzle,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, Love is a Marvel.

A celebration to turn a new Leaf,
to Forget and Forgive,
Unite and Unify,
Prosper and Progress,
Rise and Shine,
A journey from Darkness unto Light, for the Inner Self.
Diwali began as an important harvest festival, a celebration of the hard work of farmers eagerly awaiting the fruit of struggle.
Your life may seem like a pile of burden, but don’t moan, for your pain too shall pass for there is always light beyond darkness.

Some legends also point to the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi(goddess of wealth and prosperity) as the origin of Diwali, where Laxmi chooses the man possessing all transcendental qualities, approaching Godliness.
Let Diwali remind you to go beyond your inhibitions to seek the greater purpose and aspire for Godliness not God.

The return of Lord Rama and Sita with brother Laxman after a 14 year exile and defeating the demon king Ravana also plays an important role in this festival. It demonstrates a journey of love and obedience transcending all worldly struggles.
Ignite the power of Love within you and watch the marvels unravel before your eyes.

No matter what legend or story you believe, whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or even an Atheist — let Diwali be your victory over your inner demons. Let it empower you to be the best version of yourself, to commit to rise & unite towards a greater cause :

To Transcend From Darkness to Light

Wishing you all a very HAPPY DIWALI and whether you light a lamp today or not, be sure to
Aditya Oct 2018
Laying on the cushion of Dreams,
Engulfed by Darkness,
A silence full of Screams,
Memories flashing amid Blindness.

The ruffle of soft Cotton,
A creaking of wooden Legs,
Lifting the emotional Curtain,
Unweaving all the mind's Threads.

From the corner of the Eyes,
Slowly taking its Form,
Pain appeared in Disguise,
Unable to hold an Inner Storm.

A cushion of broken Dreams,
Stained by haunting Grief,
Mustering up a new Scheme,
’Tis time to turn over a new Leaf.
No matter where you are, what you do, what you've lost — you are still ALIVE !
This is the most important thing among all the burdens you carry on your shoulders. You are alive, therefore YOU CAN. Whatever the struggle, you CAN battle through it all.ove your Life and feel that heartbeat. If you feel that thump, you CAN change whatever it is that stains your dream cushion. Be the Dreamer and love yourself
Aditya Oct 2018
A teary farewell at the Airport,
Fake 'good'bye's from heavy Hearts,
Bags filled with memories from the Past,
Cruising over the seven Seas,
A new journey with emotions Galore.

A land promising a colorful Future,
fulfilling every need and Desire,
In exchange of a simple Contract,
Unlearn the ways of the land I Belong,
For I am the square peg in the round Hole.

Burning the midnight Oil,
Stale bread and a cup Noodles,
Celebrating festivals through a tiny screen,
a fake smile masking every tear,
Where's the silver lining amid the toil ?

Oh how the hard work has flourished,
certified successful as defined by society,
smiling at the acquired Possessions,
To realize materials never smiled back,
I am now the round peg without a Soul.
While the term global citizen is frequently used by millions who live abroad, how meaningful is this term really ?
Is there genuine acceptance of thought, culture, race, ***, religion, beliefs or is it merely disregarded based on one's nationality ?

While it's a beautiful experience when one moves across the seven seas to learn and adapt to new ways of living, but it sometimes also entails a complete unlearning of the past. 

Let's stop the labeling and try to live in a world where borders exist only for the maps, not for the hearts !
Aditya Oct 2018
Thick strong Metal,
A grasp so Powerful,
Confining human Potential,
A Mind transformed to merely a Skull.

Trapped by the darkness of Thought,
Memories mutate into Shackles,
A Prisoner in the Mind’s Vault,
Lend me the strength to Grapple.

The chains Clanked,
As the wrists twisted with Intent,
The cold floor Thumped,
’Tis the hour to Rise & Defend.

A glorious battle to break Free,
Committed to overcome every Mountain,
Renouncing pain from the deepest Sea,
I am the Sufferer and the cruel Warden.
There is no prison bigger and traumatic than your own mind. Your thoughts are the cruel warden trapping you in a prison within your own mind.

Break free from the past, from the pain the holds you back, to stop living within the confines of your mind. Open that beautiful mind to explore the abundance the world has to offer.

Embrace life NOW and cling to every opportunity !

Know the Mind,
Shape the Mind,
Free the Mind.
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