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Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
Jugnu The Firefly  

Once upon a time, there was a little firefly named Jugnu. He was born in the light of the full moon. Everyone celebrated him because; he had sparkling eyes, and a tail that was longer then any other tail in his firefly community.
“We can’t wait till you turn 6 weeks old. We bet because of your tail size you,will shine the brightest at the firefly carnival. It will surely win first prize for our firefly zone.” They would say, as his parents looked on with pride.
When Jugnu was 3 weeks old, when normally a tail would begin the lighting process, nothing happened. He tried changing his diet, and exercising, but no light at all was seen.
It worried little Jugnu but he tried to trust. One day, after a field trip to learn about night-light flying, at school he was bullied. They said, he was a phony, ugly and that his tail was a fake. He came home upset full of self judgements.
“Worry not, sweet child.” His mother said, giving him a firefly hug with her wings. “Remember, you are great just the way you are. Know that there is an inner light within and that never goes out.”
His Father added. “Yes, mother speaks truth. Those who tease are blinded to your greatness even jealous though they may not admit it. The more you give their words power, the more it will disable you. They give you with their harsh words an opportunity to love yourself more. Just ride the energy wind of love and trust all will work out.” He stated, drying his little ones tears.
They all sat together meditating by taking deep breaths for balance. Once done, Jugnu’s parents words began to open his heart and he no longer let his classmates bother him.
Everyday, he continued to eat right, exercise and trust that things would work out. Another week passed and there was no change.
It was getting harder and harder to trust, as the carnival date got closer. Little Jugnu still was filled with doubt.
As the weeks passed, Jugnu even tried adding prayer to his routine. Three weeks, four weeks five weeks passed but still no light appeared.
On the night of the carnival with no light on his tail, Jugnu felt terrible. He judged himself and couldn't bare to face anyone so before the big event, he packed a bag and began to leave the forest.
Jugnu traveled a mile and a half. Suddenly, he stopped and began to cry. By now the sun went down and he knew all the fireflies from the different forests were gathering. It made him feel worse.
When he cried out all his sadness and judgments, a big light appeared in the sky. It moved right in front of him and magically turned into a big firefly fairy.
“Dear one, They call me Justine. I have heard your prayers and have come to help. Though you did your best to trust, eat well and were able to ignore your classmates untruth words, you still carried self judgment and doubt.”
“You must realize you are sacred and weather you light up or not you are a gift with many talents. There is no reason to run away. Just face who you are with love and things will unfold beautifully.”
She took Jugnu under her wings and they flew a while before she spoke again. “The power is in believing in yourself. In sharing the light of love, and being compassionate to all.  And one more thing... but that you must realize yourself.”
They flew all through the country side. The more Jugnu looked at the beauty in the world, the more he felt a warmth build inside.
He saw trees of beauty, majestic mountains and birds who sang grand melodies. He saw rolling green landscapes, and animals moving in harmony.
“I got it! I got it!” he shouted. He knew what was missing. Not only did he need to believe, trust and love BUT, he needed to carry gratitude.
Little Jugnu was ready to return to his community. He thanked the firefly fairy Jolene, and off he went flying at top speed. As he got close to the festivities, he began to shower himself with love.
When Jugnu carried no self doubt, whispering gratitude for all the lessons he learned, he entered his village. Magically, his tail began to shine. It shined in rainbow colors and brighter than anything any firefly had ever seen.
Applause, echoed through the forest. It was an amazing sight whereby there was plenty of light-dance flying, and laughter. He won a trophy for his beautiful tail and it hung tall a top Mother Oak tree.
Next time, you take a walk in the forest be sure to look up. You just might see the shape of a trophy made from fibers of a spiders web and leaves. Then, you know you are in Jugnu’s forest.
As for Jugnu, he had found his inner light and become a master storyteller. He taught old and young the value of love, trust, compassion and gratitude. And he hopes you reading his story learn as well.
Star BG wrote this story on me....i am moved...felt so much  important, honored and liked, that i can't put it in words. Thnx Sbg..grateful.. love you
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
At the sound of my name, I see the faces
turn and smiles of many friends;
Queen Sue of Ruikruya in her lilac silks,
Queen Sarita of Khaikar in orange silks,
Queen Deb of Daegeral in magenta,
Queen Kim of Geniael in creams,
Queen Robin of Naeneiana in periwinkles,
Queen Fawn of Yuamor in red-violets,
Queen Dawn of Khesian in dandelion-orange,
Queen Jugnu of Enuryn in jade-greens,
Queen Yidna of Puhan in indigos,
Queen Cne of Phelyra in turquoise,
Queen Xaela of Lonusea in peach,
Queen Ayumi of Wadia in tan-gold,
Queen Sheila of Naizzuzia in cornflower-blue,
Queen Stars of Yurithireatha in green-yellow

King Edmund and his wife in matching
forest-greens attires,
King Omni of Khaniel in silvers,
King Emeka of Ghalali in white,
King Devon of Monait in blue-violets,
King Fugue of Thavia in blacks,
King Yacov of Igrador in olive-green,
King Joseph of Eaqellurene in bronze,
King Fredrick of Emirinait in mauve,
King Rob of Balan in sea-green,
King John of Khesian in melon-red,
King Aslam of Ikaesa in deep plum,
King Brandon of Huarean in ocher,
King Kikodinho of Izugalla in taupe,
King Jobira of Zavalon in orange-red
and many many more.

And last but not least, King Paul of
Luciuscemi himself in emerald-and-gold.
He wears his favourite emerald green
jacket with ruby buttons, bright gold
embroidery of suns and lions; his sleeves
stitched with pearls and rubies to match
the red sash across his chest; his trousers
black as are his boots, but even they have
gold laces.
I received messages saying part 7 wasn't seen...
Come on, HP! I'll have to split this in half also.
Anyway, alot of names were dropped so please
To Rob and Yidna in particular,  thank you very much for your kind comments! They mean alot. Don't worry, I still have them - it's just made it private.
Thank you all so so much, truly!
I'm truly grateful.
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
"I try! And I know my tea."
"So when will I hear of your own marriage?"
Donna teases and I flush.
All that leaves my lips is, "Uhhhhhh..."
Donna only laughs at my response and pats
my shoulder gently. "I am sorry if I made you
uncomfortable. Take your time with it. But try
not to put it off for too long. Marriage is a
wonderful thing. Spend your life with someone
you love and loves you so much in turn."

"Now you sound like my mother."
"And Mothers always know best!" She winks
as Sue and Kim and Yidna and Sarita and
Jugnu and Fawn and Stars and Dawn
all approach her as Donna gives her
thanks to each of them individually,
Kings and Queens.
I stand there and simply watch them
with a smile.
"Hey!" a voice whispers behind me.
"Good Lord!" I exclaim while jumping
out of my skin. Immediately, I
look behind to see a snickering Paul.
"I'm not amused! It's not funny!" I snap
but he only snickers louder at me.

"I really hate when you do that..." I
say, my hand on my heart as I try to
slow my beating. "No apology?"
"Nope!" Paul grins. "You're so uptight, I swear.
Relax!" He slugs his arm around my shoulders as
I just shake my head. "By the way, everything's
ready for her final surprise. So let's head out
to the inner courtyard."
I nod. "Where's Esshi and Ainhana?"
"Right here," another voice cuts in
and I see King Brandon with both
my handmaids. "Such charming
young ladies."
"You've been flirting with them too,
Part 3! ^-^
Paul, I swear you're so **** cheeky loool!
One more to go! ^-^
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
Jugnu-the firefly May 29
मेरे चाँद! तुम और मैं!
तोड़कर रिवाजों को, थाम लें परवाज़ों को,
चलो संग आज़ाद हो जाएँ,
ओ मेरे चाँद! तुम और मैं!

छोड़कर क़ाफ़िलों को, बढ़ चलें मंज़िलों को,
चलो संग आबाद हो जाएँ,
ओ मेरे चाँद! तुम और मैं!

चीरकर ये मायूसी, तन्हाई और बेबसी,
चलो संग बर्बाद हो जाएँ,
ओ मेरे चाँद! तुम और मैं!

Todkar riwazon ko tham le parwazon ko,
Chalo sang azad ** jaye,
Mere chand! Tum aur mai!

Chhodkar kafilon ko, sang badhen manzilo ko,
Chalo sang abad ** jaye,
Mere chand! Tum aur mai!

Chirkar ye mayusi, tanhai aur bebasi,
Chalo sang barbad ** jaye,
Mere chand! Tum aur mai!


Break the boundaries, let's have wings,
Let's liberate together,
O my moon! You and me!

Leaving the caravan and destination,
Let's evolve together,
O my moon! You and me!

Ripping the glum, loneliness, helplessness,
Let's dissolve together
O my moon! You and me!
Reposted with few edits and english translation.... cudnt help to post on full moon night...
For my muse....the moon
Francie Lynch Jan 2018
These verses filled the void;
Contributions from 'round the world;
From men and women, young and old;
Creating something out of nothing.
A prosaic mosaic, a collaboration,
From HP poets, a celebration.

A blank line
Awaits my thoughts
A blank line
It’s an invitation
A blank line
Patiently empty
A blank line
It calls on creativity
A blank line
[sic writerunblocked]

To comment on this I cannot resist
The daily poem takes a new twist
At the top slot a poem that's not
A poem that doesn't exist
[sic. Martin]

For the life of me -
I cannot think the words -
refilling blanks, and slots -
not coming across, absurd -
at least, not in, so many, words
[sic Temporal Fugue]

Farts are nothing,
but previews for ****,
just like most
[sic Hasani]

Please fill in is the Story of My Life The Invisible lines the Unseen pain I walk among the crowds but I am not there all they see is a shell when the truth of myself is withdrawn deep inside lost between the invisible lines [sic James M. Vines]

When at 12 midnight
And my heart beats a certain pace
I finally turn off the lights
As tears stream down my face
[sic jace]

the vacuum
Empty yourself of
What u retain
What u contain
What u detain
What u abstain

Draw the lines of...
Your Boundary
Your territory
Your trajectory
Your sanctuary

Draw your lines of action
Define your confinement
Create your vaccum

And now....
The love flows in
The bliss moves in
The happiness gushes in

THESE underscores from a your keyboard--
Bored-as-hell I can see
The creative act has been forced-in
This outsourced work, taking our
Outsourced words, during work-hours
[sic Sean Murray]

Lines Blank call
like void of creation to birth.
They grab my attention
luring poet mind
to commence firing away.
It fires in blasts of gratitude,
jarring empty spaces of thoughts
Phases that have no connections
until pen touches paper
or fingers touch keyboard.
Until I shout out to another writer
named Francie who inspired
to fill the void.
[sic Star BG]

i would have described my frustrations
what i expect from u
but i decide to keep my lips shut
its not what it seems
sometimes my lips cant depict my problems........
[sic Gucco]

It's a new year, yet are we, new people
although many others have been extinguished,
my star still shines and twinkles (although not as valiantly)
and so does yours
and I pray that it may twinkle,
for the longest time indeed.
[sic sincere humble cowardly Song]

Words can be over-rated,
its the blank page that often inspires,
images tumbling over themselves,
waiting to be scribed by word-squires.
[sic Pagan Paul]

Like this goose of a poem I'm holdin'
The deliberate silence of this is golden

Now don't be cheap
and don't be crass

hold your words until the last
without donkey ears your still being an a...
[sic Green Trees]

The symmetry of her eyes collapsed into the void............
....sixteen teardrops spilled on the morning sky............
............Colorless and absurd............................
............the sunrise misplaces past happiness............
Future was you
[sic Kyte]

Your poem is good but mine is better
You should feel the poem, writing doesn't matter
[sic Daman Singh]

I do nothing
Others do it for me
[sic Dennis Faulk]

To all the confusing things that roam my head and heart that I cannot read what it’s actually telling me. [sic Sara]

The eyes sees genuineness that mind yearns
The heart feels what it needs to learn,
Yet all is but God's ultimate plan!
Life amidst it's hustsles goes on and on.
[sic Saumya]

Broken Chains
Free me,break these chains of *******
Chains that bound and confine me to rules
Shackles that control me against my will
Fetters that make me submit to emotions
Irons that make me less humane,free me
Till all that's left are broken chains.
[sic Abi]

Feelings so fierce as they swarm inside
No escape as theyey spin and spin
I try to open a door
To let them out
At last, the page is blank
[sic Lin]

light for sure
shy of ardor
less is more
why try harder?
[Ian Woods]

And thus the blankness left,
And the void was filled.
Just in case you don't know what "sic" means, it's just a short way of saying I've copied and pasted exactly what was added in the comments section of the original, "The Invisible Poem: Blank Verse."
Special thanks to all the above contributors. I apologize for not asking permission to repost your verses. Any poet wishing me to delete his or her contribution can contact me to do so. But why?
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Though we could not see the emblem,
we know who eachof the colours belong to
Sue's Kingdom of Ruikruya releases lilac paper lanterns,
Edmund's Chairis forest-green,
Sarita's  Khaikar orange lanterns,
Omni's Khaniel silver,
Deb's Daegeral magenta,
Devon's Monait blue-violets,

Kim's Geniael cream,
Emeka's Ghalali white,
Robin's Naeneiana periwinkle,
Fugue's Thavia blacks,
Fawn's Yuamor red-violets,
Yacov's Igrador olive-green,
Dawn's Khesian dandelion-orange,
Joseph's Eaqellurene bronze,
Jugnu's Enuryn jade-green,

Fredrick's Emirinait mauve,
Yidna's Puhan indigo,
Rob's Balan sea-green,
Cne's Phelyra turquoise,
John's Khesian melon-red,
Xaela's Lonusea peach,
Aslam's Ikaesa deep plum,
Ayumi's Wadia tan-gold,
Brandon's Huarean ocher,
Sheila's Naizzuzia cornflower-blue,
Kikodinho's Izugalla in taupe,
Stars' Yurithireatha green-yellow,
Jobira's Zavalon in orange-red
and lastly, my Aurelinaea deep blue

Part 4 of 10!
Lyn ***
Jayantee Khare Feb 2019
layer by layer
the life we share
shade by shade
the bond is being made

day by day
ensured the stay
bit by bit
we unknowingly commit

words by words
revealed the inwards
moment by moment
validation of the agreement

here, for a while let's hold
understand the untold
the love, growing in manifolds
for miracles the time unfolds

ups and downs
pros and cons
dusks and dawns
never alter the divine plans

beyond righteousness or wrongdoing
let the stream flowing
the life is ephemeral
but our connection is eternal....

The love sees no boundaries...
The pause for a cause is must,
Which strengthens the bond...
Jayantee Khare Jun 2018

the life plagiarized...
many chapters borrowed
only few self-authored
the content contradicts
the turmoils persists

the life guided...
heads on a locus shown by others
negotiate a path traced by predecessors
or losing the self under other's control
on self designed road, people hardly stroll

the life messed up...
dos and don'ts wills and won'ts
the past haunts the present taunts
the future flaunts the reality daunts
"couldbe" rants "shouldbe" slants

the life awaited...
learnt lesson only few
a solo travel long due
book to be written all new
a new course of life to pursue ....

© Jugnu
Freedom from conditioning
And traditions.....The central theme here....
Jayantee Khare Mar 2018

To sleep at ease
in peace ,
I release,
Phew! A War outside!

A war I try
to avoid,
keep quite,
Triggers another inside....

The pieces of the peace altercate
The war and the peace alternate
In and out, the war vacillates
Hence the peace pendulates!


War and peace are always present just change the places...
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
"Indeed. Well, I won't keep you. Seems like
you are rather hungry."
"All I had was breakfast and Pu'erh tea so I was
being good.  And I still am! I don't plan on
eating too much until the honoured guests
arrive." I smile.
"As do I. Enjoy your snacks. I'll bid the time
with more admiration for Paul's collection of art...
after saving your handmaids from Paul's relentless
He points at Paul with a flushing Esshi and a
giggling Ainhana as I shake my head.
"As you will." I smile.

King Omni, Fugue and Emeka are all
seated on one table laughing. I notice
King Edmund tucking a rose behind his
wife's ear; Queen Sarita and Jugnu sit
with Kim, Yidna and Sue all laughing,
Queen Robin and Fawn admire the ice
sculptures. True to his word, King Brandon
went to save Esshi from turning more deep
shades of red, playfully scolding Paul for
embarrassing her. We are all having a good
time until it is broken by the herald's cry,
"Queen Donna of Vesian! And her husband, King Dean!"
Final part!
Part 9 will be out tomorrow!
Just a few more chapters to go! ^-^
Hope you're all enjoying this as much as I am!
Lyn ***
Star BG  Nov 2017
Mountain Of HP
Star BG Nov 2017
Flying in the winds of gratitude, I drifted.
Feeling the energies of new day.
I felt blessed,
as a fellow creature
with wings of silk joined me.

We sang on highways of light.
We opened hearts
to play in playground
of fairies and Unicorns.

We celebrated
on a mountain of HP words.
Fairy JuJuBa and Jugnu the firefly
were friends who celebrated life.

StarBG © 2017
Dedicated to Jugnu
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
To all dear poets
Open or in closets

Across the globe
Across the sea


With someone

Merry Christmas

-From jugnu
Wishing all hp poets a very happy Christmas ..may god bless you all..
DrAbhijit G  Oct 2020
DrAbhijit G Oct 2020
Hamne Guzar Di Fakiri Me Zindagi ..
Lekin Jamir Ka Sauda Nhi Kiya ..
Dil Ko Jalake,
Diyi Jamane Ko Roshani ..
Jugnu Pakad Ke Hath Me
Hamne Kabhi Ujala Nhi Kiya ..!!

By Ejaz Qamar ..

— The End —