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Sep 2017
Jugnu The Firefly  

Once upon a time, there was a little firefly named Jugnu. He was born in the light of the full moon. Everyone celebrated him because; he had sparkling eyes, and a tail that was longer then any other tail in his firefly community.
“We can’t wait till you turn 6 weeks old. We bet because of your tail size you,will shine the brightest at the firefly carnival. It will surely win first prize for our firefly zone.” They would say, as his parents looked on with pride.
When Jugnu was 3 weeks old, when normally a tail would begin the lighting process, nothing happened. He tried changing his diet, and exercising, but no light at all was seen.
It worried little Jugnu but he tried to trust. One day, after a field trip to learn about night-light flying, at school he was bullied. They said, he was a phony, ugly and that his tail was a fake. He came home upset full of self judgements.
“Worry not, sweet child.” His mother said, giving him a firefly hug with her wings. “Remember, you are great just the way you are. Know that there is an inner light within and that never goes out.”
His Father added. “Yes, mother speaks truth. Those who tease are blinded to your greatness even jealous though they may not admit it. The more you give their words power, the more it will disable you. They give you with their harsh words an opportunity to love yourself more. Just ride the energy wind of love and trust all will work out.” He stated, drying his little ones tears.
They all sat together meditating by taking deep breaths for balance. Once done, Jugnu’s parents words began to open his heart and he no longer let his classmates bother him.
Everyday, he continued to eat right, exercise and trust that things would work out. Another week passed and there was no change.
It was getting harder and harder to trust, as the carnival date got closer. Little Jugnu still was filled with doubt.
As the weeks passed, Jugnu even tried adding prayer to his routine. Three weeks, four weeks five weeks passed but still no light appeared.
On the night of the carnival with no light on his tail, Jugnu felt terrible. He judged himself and couldn't bare to face anyone so before the big event, he packed a bag and began to leave the forest.
Jugnu traveled a mile and a half. Suddenly, he stopped and began to cry. By now the sun went down and he knew all the fireflies from the different forests were gathering. It made him feel worse.
When he cried out all his sadness and judgments, a big light appeared in the sky. It moved right in front of him and magically turned into a big firefly fairy.
“Dear one, They call me Justine. I have heard your prayers and have come to help. Though you did your best to trust, eat well and were able to ignore your classmates untruth words, you still carried self judgment and doubt.”
“You must realize you are sacred and weather you light up or not you are a gift with many talents. There is no reason to run away. Just face who you are with love and things will unfold beautifully.”
She took Jugnu under her wings and they flew a while before she spoke again. “The power is in believing in yourself. In sharing the light of love, and being compassionate to all.  And one more thing... but that you must realize yourself.”
They flew all through the country side. The more Jugnu looked at the beauty in the world, the more he felt a warmth build inside.
He saw trees of beauty, majestic mountains and birds who sang grand melodies. He saw rolling green landscapes, and animals moving in harmony.
“I got it! I got it!” he shouted. He knew what was missing. Not only did he need to believe, trust and love BUT, he needed to carry gratitude.
Little Jugnu was ready to return to his community. He thanked the firefly fairy Jolene, and off he went flying at top speed. As he got close to the festivities, he began to shower himself with love.
When Jugnu carried no self doubt, whispering gratitude for all the lessons he learned, he entered his village. Magically, his tail began to shine. It shined in rainbow colors and brighter than anything any firefly had ever seen.
Applause, echoed through the forest. It was an amazing sight whereby there was plenty of light-dance flying, and laughter. He won a trophy for his beautiful tail and it hung tall a top Mother Oak tree.
Next time, you take a walk in the forest be sure to look up. You just might see the shape of a trophy made from fibers of a spiders web and leaves. Then, you know you are in Jugnu’s forest.
As for Jugnu, he had found his inner light and become a master storyteller. He taught old and young the value of love, trust, compassion and gratitude. And he hopes you reading his story learn as well.
Star BG wrote this story on me....i am moved...felt so much  important, honored and liked, that i can't put it in words. Thnx Sbg..grateful.. love you
Jayantee Khare
Written by
Jayantee Khare  45/F/Pune, India
(45/F/Pune, India)   
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