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DrAbhijit G Oct 4
Hamne Guzar Di Fakiri Me Zindagi ..
Lekin Jamir Ka Sauda Nhi Kiya ..
Dil Ko Jalake,
Diyi Jamane Ko Roshani ..
Jugnu Pakad Ke Hath Me
Hamne Kabhi Ujala Nhi Kiya ..!!

By Ejaz Qamar ..
DrAbhijit G Jul 22
The journey

Where to go..
There's No roads,
No maps..
It's Bulevard of A 'Story'
That's lightened by Two 'Lamps'!!

Where to go...
Dear, its not a Journey
Because it never ends..
Its 'Infinite'
Even than a 'pi'
A Storytel
In which  me and you lie..!!
It's beautiful Storytel...
DrAbhijit G Jul 9
You are The princess..
Whose lips bring
A cutest Smile..
Most precious things
I ever compile..!
Your eyes carry
Deep ocean inside..
Your pure Heart
And soulful  emotions I carry by my side!
I am thankful
To have you in my life..
light  up my  dream
And please be my Wife!
Dedicated to my princess 😍
DrAbhijit G Jun 13
I miss you..

As every day start..
In ending lamps and lights,
You seem to whisper,
In every corner and sights!
Simplest things now,
Seem tangled and messy..
I think loud of you only
Am Becoming more and more crazy!
Still I Draw you,
Yes, with absolute perfection..
Because I keep it in heart
'Missing' as an Emotion!

I miss you
Missing is an emotion
DrAbhijit G May 7
Who are you for me...
Dont ask me..
Your are more than air
That I breath..
The soul,
Kepping me alive atleast!!

Your my morning glory,
Song of this little bird...
Come with me,
To write a lovely story..
That never been heard..!!
Birds#love story#
  Mar 1 DrAbhijit G
A heaven for an hour
for when I’m with her

A long desired kiss that
turns pain into a song
I have never heard

I would not long for death as
long as you remember my name
  Mar 1 DrAbhijit G
We held hands and wasted time,
Wish we knew each other as kids.
It might have been more innocent,
Walking on clouds together
Lighter than feathers
(High) above solid ground
In any weather,  thought we'd stay together

You ran ahead on a forest path,
One day in my memories.
I chased you on rocky trails
As you took flight,
You were there waiting for me,
Opened your hands,
Revealed a heart shaped rock,
Symbol of our love.

Mody & Jenny
Live here forever.
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