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Once upon a time ..
It's a story of the  king and Palace
It echoes from many years
Overgrounds which witnessed
many battles and clashes..
A story of palace
One that  built on ashes.

About the old glory of the  sword.
Bathed in milinons of blood
Whose blade on neck of  slave's
Who's hands soiled with soil and mud?
Diamond on the 'snatched ' Crown
Though Fake looks Sturd

Once upon a time..
Is it really a story from the past ...?
Or  time that just  flew away
On chest of Demolished kingdoms and lands
born a  new era of fake 'Democrats' ..!
Under their tables & in the bunkers
They hide their lies .
& the world  left blind,
In the War of 'Eye for an eye '!

Once upon a time ..!
DrAbhijit G Sep 2022
Memories ...

Is it a feather ? 
With the soft touch of heaven ..
Beautiful land where dreams and one's  glee laden 
Or just a pain that burns souls in Tartarus.
Countless scenes and masked  faces were barbarous..!

Is it an angel ? 
To explore your  joie the vivre
on its enchanted wings ..
Just a beautiful dream 
That vanished away like an ephemeral thing ! 
Or is it a Demon ..
With shining teeth ..
Who became King of your past ghosts ..
Conquering your present , fortune and 
take away your breath ..!

You  recall it (memories),
Just to serve your selfish mind..
Dare  you just once ask your heart ,
to make of it a palace or just sand?
DrAbhijit G Jan 2022
हम तो लिखते रहेंगे..!!

असमंजस के बादल,
भले ही आसमान को ढक ले,
उन्मे इतना दम नहीं
की रोशनी को रोक ले..
लबज और अल्फास मिलेंगे साथ,
उसी एकले आसमान के नीचे
कुछ रूठे, कुछ मिठे मतलाब के साथ
उभ्र आएंगे कागज पे वे भी
खुदके वजुद के साथ !

शयाही भले ही अपना रंग बदले,
आस्थिर मन की कश्ती
कुछ टेढे मेडे राश्ते मोड ले ..
आंखें क्यों न अंधे होने का नाटक रच ले
शब्द है जिद्दी, कुछ तो कहके ही जाएंगे!

हम तो लिखते ही रहेंगे..!!
DrAbhijit G Nov 2021
Khushi ..

Kisi Kavita ke Chhand me nhi milti  ..
Nahi kisi Galib ki sher me ..
Jane Anjane me,
Kahi chut jati hai piche .
Fir mil jati hai ,
Dil se kiyi hue kisi chiz me .
Jaise ek patti chupayi ** sadiyo tak,
kisi kakaj ke bichme  ..!
Hindi #Khushi #
DrAbhijit G Sep 2021
Set me free...
To walk in the dark
On stranger path
Tracing my footprints back
Relieving own bypath

Set me free
To think clearer
In  the dusky sunlight
through those  chaotic clouds
to shine a little bright.

Set me free
to choose beyond
what's right and wrong.
give  me few
words and  rhymes
to feed my song...

Set me free ...!
Free #
DrAbhijit G Apr 2021
The Streets are empty
Only lamps shining.
Unmask the fear
One Monster is rising !!

The air was pure and easy
Now it's more filthy.
So-called ' Intelligent' Humans
Being proved to be silly !!

Cutting throats
Of Nature's True' child
We smoked the sky
And burned the future.
I doubt,
Could we  survive
Angry nature's ' reprisal'!
#Humans #Nature #Reprisal
DrAbhijit G Feb 2021
Ham simte hue hai,
Khomoshi ke pal me..
Sannata 'Samzkar '
Chijoko 'Andekha' karne ke khel me..!!
Ajj Kakaj 'Kore 'hai,
Jal Jane ke bhay me..
Nave bah Gayi ,
Anjani lay me...!!

Ham khamosh hai ..
Jane anjane me!!
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